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    I was feeding Natures Variety and he has become outrageously expensive even though I love the product so I am switching to K9 cravings. I did a comparison of the 5 star Beef from Natures Variety with the 2.5 star K9 cravings and remain confused .
    Natures Variety Dry matter K9 Cravings
    Protein 15% 23% Protein 14. 4 % 23%
    Fat 12% 18% Fat 18.3% 30%
    Fiber 3 % Fiber 1.1 %
    Moisture 65 % Moisture 62.5%

    I have asked Mike to explain and he suggested I post and maybe someone can provide me with an explanation. There is no problem with the meat sources or recommended balance so I cannot figure out the big discrepancy in ratings.

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    I’m confused but it’s still early….did you ask Mike why the K9 beef is 2.5 stars?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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