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    What do we know about coconut flour or coconut as an ingredient in dog foods?

    Obviously, it’s a more recent ingredient in pet foods, so novel.

    I realize some are wanting to avoid ALL more novel ingredients at this time, along with legumes (or legumes and potatoes) and exotic proteins, with the most sweeping definition of novel or exotic from Lisa Freeman DVM DACVN at Tufts, and stick with the most traditional carb & meat ingredients. (Other veterinary nutritionists do not include things like salmon/fish among “exotic” ingredients.)

    But I just wonder what is known about coconut flour as used in dog food — and what we should know. My understanding had been that, for all the potential health benefits of coconut or as a hypoallergenic alternative carb, that it has very high fiber. I would have thought too high for use in dog food.

    So how could it work in a formula as a primary ingredient? How can a formula keep a low fiber %? Does combining it with an almost pure starch balance it out enough? Is there a refined version?

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    “Coconut flour is often compared to other gluten-free flours, such as almond, hazelnut, amaranth, and chickpea flours”

    I would consider it an exotic ingredient .

    PS I previously thought you were talking about oil.

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