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    Chris S

    Hi All,

    I’m new here and found this site via Google.

    I have a PomChi…just over a year old and weighs 8 lbs. I buy a fresh chicken when needed, boil it for an hour, then pull off the meat. I also cook a beef roast and slice it up. I make him his own treats for snacks. I do give him people food for snacks also since he’s such a good “begger”….lol.

    I mainly feed Cooper a mix of the chicken and the beef. He seems to be happy with it, his poop is fine, but I sometimes wonder if these two meats are providing everything he needs.

    Can I get a few comments on the diet that I feed Cooper please…with emphasis on is it complete.

    Thank you, Chris

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    If you are just feeding the chicken meat and beef meat, then the diet is not complete. The link below is just one site that has some suggestions on making a complete homemade diet:


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    Chris S

    Thank you.

    I read a lot of what you suggested via your links….and am worried that I haven’t been providing Cooper with a complete diet. I went to the store and bought 3 different types of commercial dinners. I’m going to gradually introduce them into his diet.

    One thing that amazed me is that your links suggested a variety of different foods…from what I’ve read in the last year on different sites was to NOT introduce variety…makes doggies poop soft.

    I gave Cooper some of one of the different cans…then gave him his old chicken and beef. He loved the new canned commercial food…it was a fish with brown rice.

    Thanks again…I’ll keep reading. Lots of information to “digest”…lol.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Chris S:
    I agree, this diet as written is not complete. I feed a kibble based diet along with commercial raw, canned, and homemade meals. Variety works well for my dog and most of my cats; sometimes it doesn’t for some.

    If you are interested in making some or all homemade meals I purchased this download written by Dr. Susan Lauten a few months back that has grain free and grain inclusive recipes for healthy adult dog maintenance that are balanced to both AAFCO requirements and NRC recommendations. The supplements to make the recipes balanced can be found on the Internet or in drug and health food stores:

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    Chris S

    Ooooh bobby dog…

    Most people use this type of board for information from ordinary people. I’m one of those.

    I appreciate those who offer personal experience, not those who have something to sell. Your sales pitch isn’t appreciated…the moderator should have kicked your butt off for being a commercial enterprise, unless of course, the moderator/owner is part of your pitch.

    Good bye.

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    Bobby dog

    LOL, no sales pitch. I also often recommend Steve Brown’s download for tips on mixing fresh foods with kibble diets. I purchased both downloads and use the information from both to incorporate fresh foods into my dog’s diet. These downloads are for sale by each author. I have no affiliation with either author, just appreciate the knowledge they share with pet owners and how their tips have helped my dog.

    Here is Dr. Sagman’s disclosure:

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    Lol, Chris, I’d like you to meet Bobby Dog, one of DFA’s resident link ladies. Her and Crazy4dogs have anywhere from 1 to 10 links on just about every subject brought up on this site! They both, in my opinion, have very valuable information up their sleeves.

    I hope you can fond some helpful information on here to help feed your pup healthier. I know I sure have!

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    you really jumped to a wrong conclusion about bobby dog! She is just an “ordinary” person here too….95% of us are.

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    Bobby dog

    Thanks InkedMarie and c4c!! 😉

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