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    carol marlie

    My dog is a Swiss Mountain Dog (Entlebucher Sennenhund). She has been eating dry Evo Turkey/Chicken Big Bites–she is a gulper. A friend recommended Canidae All Stages. Protein is not as high. I need help. My dog is 5 years and very activie but a big gulper.

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    What kind of bowl do you put her food in? I would use something very big so you can put some soup cans in there with her kibble so she has to work around them like a bin of some sort. You can find bins/food prep-ware at restaurant supply stores or Sams Club maybe Costco. Also Merrick Grain Free, Pinnacle Peak Performance and Orijen are pretty high in protein.

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    I want to change from Evo. I bought a bag of dog food for my poodle after new bags had come in and she had loose stool for over two weeks before I realized the food was the problem She had been eating it for 7 years and it produced a small firm stool which was the only one I tried which did so. Now I need to find a new food which will give this stool. Every other dog food I tried when I first got her gave the loose stool several times a week. I think I can never trust Evo again. Any suggestions?

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    Do you remember what other foods you tried? Does your dog have any other health problems? My first thought would be that whatever food you decide to try, get a good probiotic and digestive enzyme to give her as you change foods and for a couple weeks after. Often this alone is enough to straighten out dogs that were thought to have a sensitive stomach. Also adding a spoonful of canned pure pumpkin to each meal helps to cut down on loose stool problems.

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