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    I was using Pedigree dry food, have been for years..

    Abby started putting to much weight on, so I came her asking..

    I ended up changing her to Pro Balance, getting it at Wal Mart..

    Now I have run into two others with big dogs and they are using Taste of the wild..

    It is available in my area at the Tractor Supply..

    Can I get some feed back of this type of feed.. Have you used it and what are the results. Do you like it does the dog like it..

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    TOTW is an OK food. On the one hand, it’s grain free, and they have a few “semi limited ingredient” diets for dogs with mild sensitivities. Its price point makes it a good introductory grain free diet. On the other hand, while it is grain free, it is high in actual carbohydrate content. It is also manufactured by Diamond, a disreputable dog food company with a history of many recalls. TOTW itself was recalled a few years ago.

    Here on DFA, they are both rated similarly. I think if your dog is responding well to the Pure Balance (losing weight appropriately), you like its price point, and your vet has no concerns, I would stay with Pure Balance. There is no rule, however, that you could rotate between the foods to give her something different.

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    Thanks for the excellent reply..

    One thing I never knew was the Diamond manufactured this product..Heard to many bad things about Diamond’s products..

    Abby seems to like and enjoy the Pro Balance. I put her on this food about a month ago..But only on the Salmon dry food, the other day I opened a small bag of Bison and Pea food, she will not touch it..

    I also tried just dry food morning and night. She got into a sulking mood and never ate for two days..So I had to go back to wet food in the mornings..

    Thanks.. I think I’ll stick with Pro Balance for now..


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