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    Christie B

    Cliffs notes version because I’m not re-writing the paragraphs long post that disappeared earlier.

    I have 2 cats. 4 years ago, my male cat developed a urinary blockage (because I didn’t recognize his behavior/symptoms of a UTI in time to prevent it). Lab results did not show any crystals in his urine. The vet suggested that some litter may have caused a physical blockage but told me to feed wet food to prevent crystals from forming just in case.

    Neither cat likes wet food. I’ve tried all kinds: pate, cuts in gravy, soup/broth, shredded in every protein offered. I’ve tried expensive foods and cheap foods. 95% of the time, my cat eats a few bites and then goes for my other cat’s dry food. My other cat won’t touch wet food at all. If I mix it in with the dry, she refuses to eat. If I use it as a topper, she eats around it.

    Sometimes, I’ll open a can of food and feed it and he’ll seem to like it. However, if I attempt to feed him the same food for the next meal, he’ll refuse to eat it. I’ve tried feeding the same food for a week, no interest. I try to mix it up, no interest.

    I’ve literally wasted hundreds of dollars over the past 4 years on food.

    He’s had no other urinary issues since the blockage. I doubt it has anything to do with the wet food because he barely eats any of it. I recently bought a sampling of Petco’s brand Whole Hearted cans. He seemed to like it, so I went back and literally bought 24 cans (variety). He already lost interest.

    I’m tired of wasting money on food that he won’t eat.

    Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried Friskies or Fancy Feast? I didn’t think any cats could resist these.

    I have a fountain for my cats to encourage drinking. There is something about running water that attracts cats. They also like to drink from the kitchen faucet.

    If you feed a kibble that is formulated for urinary issues, that would help also. I would feed one made by Royal Canin, Purina, Iams or Hills. I think they all have urinary formulas. Good luck!

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    Bobby dog

    I know you mentioned trying soups and broths, not sure if they were people foods. If they were people soups/broths, one other suggestion is the Friskies ‘Lil Soups. I have a cat who will just lick the gravy off wet foods allot of times. He loves the soups. There are a few companies out there that make these type of soups/bisques for kitties as well in pouches.

    I’ve also had luck sprinkling Purina Forta Flora over food to entice my kitties to eat wet food.

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    Christie B

    crazy4cats- I’ve tried both Friskies and Fancy Feast… no luck. I had asked my vet after my cat’s hospital stay if he had to be on a specific urinary health formula and she said no. She didn’t think crystals were the culprit, but wanted to be cautious and add more hydration to his diet.

    I do have a fountain that my cats and dogs drink from.

    dog- no they were the cat soups/bisques in pouches.

    For the past 2-3 months, a stray cat has wandered through my backyard at night. He comes and goes, often 3-4 visits from 11pm-6am. A FB community I belong to regarding feral and stray cats asked me to put out food to lure him to my back door to see if his ear is tipped. I did and now he’s always looking for a midnight snack.

    I buy Petsmart’s store brand for the feral, usually a variety pack of chunks in gravy. I put the food outside around 11.
    My cat is very interested in the smell when I open the cans. Last night, I put the bowl down and he went to town on the food. I put out another bowl for the stray outside.

    I tried feeding him the same food this morning, he wasn’t as interested. I’m at a loss.

    And it doesn’t help that sometimes Mr. Stray decides to not visit, so I wind up wasting a can of food on him too.

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    Bobby dog

    FWIW your cat has not had a blockage in four years, your doing something right!!! No doubt the fountain is helping too.

    Some cats are just addicted to kibble. My cat is not big on wet food. He has access to H2O and food at all times and once a day he will nibble on some wet food. He’s my meat and potatoes boy, nothing fancy for him. I have tried feeding $5/canned foods and he just wants his Friskies & Fancy Feast, that’s it! I have to feed a different recipe each day.

    I have tried taking away his kibble and only offering canned, he would not eat the daily amount required. Fasting a cat is not an option for health reasons so I gave up, it is what it is.

    Even though I wrote my cat loves the Friskies “Lil Soups he still doesn’t eat it all. He leaves behind the salmon & tuna meat. I would think that would be the best part, but what do I know. I give the leftovers to my dog so he couldn’t be more pleased with my cat.

    A few other suggestions are baby food and canned tuna. They are not vitamin balanced for cats so they’re something that should only be offered as supplemental foods like a treat, not a meal. I usually buy the Chicken of the Sea low sodium chunk light tuna in H2O and I have fed Beech-Nut Stage 1 Chicken & Chicken Broth, Beech-Nut Stage 1 Turkey & Turkey Broth, and Gerber Stage 2 Chicken & Chicken Gravy. They usually love drinking the tuna juice too. I used those two options for a few of my past kitties that wouldn’t eat canned to help hydrate them.

    Edit: I have also fed StarKist reduced sodium canned salmon and canned mackerel.

    I love reading stories of fellow cat lovers feeding strays! I am a sucker for a stray kitty and have had my share move in with us over the years. One of them even had a tipped ear. It took me two weeks to be able to pet him, he was one in a million.

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    Patricia A

    Have you tried some of the flavors/proteins in freeze dried food? It’s not sold at petco/petsmart. My feed supply store always takes it back if they don’t eat. You do have to rehydrate a little with warm water. I use Primal and Stella chewys for my dogs. Went through every brand of canned be it stews or pate and wouldest as your cat for a day or two then turn up her nose. The freeze dried she consistently eats though. The brands are available for cats also. Worth a try. I know the frustration. Good luck.

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