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    Barbara T

    My interest in human nutrition has been sparked lately by the newest research on ketogenic nutrition (not diabetic ketoacidosis), and since humans and canines have similar nutritional needs andhave evolved together over the centuries, I’ve been wondering about modified ketogenic nutrition for our dogs – this would translate simply into higher protein and good fats and much less carbohydrate. I’ve been searching for information abut this, but can’t seem to locate any, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate your sharing them with me. Thanks. Barbara T.

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    Jane E
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    Jane E

    a typical letter when contacting Dr Harvey
    s company:
    Thank you for your email and you interest in Dr. Harvey’s. Dr. Harvey has read your email and would like to speak with you concerning your specific issue and questions.

    He is usually available Monday through Friday from about 11 AM -3 PM EST.

    Please call our Toll Free number, which is 1. 866. DOC H -123


    If calling during this time is not possible for you please let us know by email where and when we can contact you.

    He is a wealth of information and hopefully can help you with your question and particular situation. Of course there is never any charge to speak with him.

    We look forward to your call and to helping you and your companion.

    Yours in Truth and Health,

    Wendy Shankin-Cohen


    Dr. Harvey’s

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    Steve M

    Doctor:I have a greyhound recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. What diet should I feed him?
    Best, stevemacmillan@att.net

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