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    Since June I’ve been trying to get my yorkie on just canned foods. He loves them. We’ve been on merrick,weruva,wellness stews, simply nourish, nature variety instinct. The problem is if I don’t add at least a tablespoon of dry he has soft stools. I have used pumpkin,probiotics and digestive enzymes and I’ve transitioned a long period . Will he ever have normal stools on just the canned. They are not loose just soft. It doesn’t bother him or me but is something wrong?

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    I’ve never had my dogs on all canned, so I’ll be honest – I have no experience to speak from.

    I’ll go ahead and post anyway mainly to bump this thread up for other more knowledgable people 😉 I’d assume that dogs on canned would have relatively soft stools, mainly because of the extra moisture they get. As long as it’s not like diarrhea-soft, then I honestly wouldn’t be too concerned. How long have you been feeding him canned? Sometimes dogs take quite a while before their bodies transition properly.

    Just remember to stay well ontop of oral health, but you knew that already since you’re such an awesome owner! 🙂

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    Some dogs do always have soft stools on canned. I’ve heard lots of “reasons” why, but they don’t make sense to me other than the dog in question isn’t digesting everything. I don’t know if the canned is too high in fat or what. Sorry, no help, other than it isn’t just you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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