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    I need to order some canned food from cheweys. This is my concern, I live in the south where the heat index has been between 105 and 110. Will the food be safe in shipped in this hot weather? If not I might have to go to petco and get by until cooler weather.

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    It should be fine as long as the seal on the cans isn’t broken and you don’t see any bulging. Petco is having the food shipped in from a warehouse as well. I live in the far North East, and I had this concern over the winter as I accidentally left a can in the car overnight and the temperatures went below 0 degrees F so I looked into it because I was afraid after bringing it back into ambient room temperature it might be bad once thawed but everything I found said it is ok.

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    Where I am, it gets very hot also and this winter was nearly -30°F. The temperature never concerned me as much as getting dented and blown out cans that were poorly packed.

    I haven’t ordered canned food in a year. I prefer to buy it locally now.

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    I only very recently started buying canned food online, because I was worried about getting damaged merchandise, but all of the local stores have started to really raise prices so high that I can get a very substantial discount purchasing online and I am on a pretty tight budget and I use a lot of canned cat food so it was worth it to try. So far I have ordered 4 months worth, so 4 orders, 1 from Pet360, and 3 from Chewy and I have been really very pleasantly surprised. Now I did get one case of Wellness canned cat food (the big cans) that had 3 cans that were severely dented, so I contacted Chewy and they sent me a new case for free (all of the cans were 100% perfect in the replacement case) right away, so it arrived 2 days later, and they didnt ask me to send anything back or go through any of that hassle. They just suggested that I consider donating any of the “salvageable” or bonus cans to a shelter. It worked out being like 9 free 12.5oz cans of which I put 6 in my donation box (just being honest), but I do buy a lot to donate, I currently have about 75 cans of various sizes to bring in as well as about 30lbs of dry food. So the long and short is that I have been pleasantly surprised so far.

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    I buy most of my canned foods locally, but I have ordered from and all was fine. I order sometimes online because I can’t get all the different flavors and brands I want to try locally. I’ve had no problems here.

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