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    I was wondering what your thoughts were on the new flu strain? Are any of you considering getting the vaccine? I live in Ga. and my yorkie is not around other dogs so I’m not getting it.

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    I read on one of my forums where a vet saisd there is no vaccine for this strain, it’s contagious so if you see your dogs coughing, sneezing (respiratory types of symptoms), call the vet & keep them home. This vet said she is seeing improvement over 10-15 days.

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    I have no intention of having my dogs vaccinated for the new flu strain or any other strain. My dogs are not put in a position to be exposed to other animals so they’re all good. No dog parks, no walks on the street or on anyone else’s property, our backyard area is fenced with no access for other animals onto our property. No kennels, no pet stores. When a visit to the vet is needed I carry them in and out. No walking around in the vet’s waiting area. I make sure they clean the table in the exam room in my presence. It’s a non issue for me and my girls.

    Sounds like another way for big pharma to make some money. Too many people doing titers, not enough people doing vaccines?? Huh? Let’s come up with different vaccines. I’m not falling for it.

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    I live in the heart of the epidemic area. There have actually been numerous dog deaths here. There is a vaccine that’s reportedly effective. I won’t vaccinate however. I don’t board and don’t do dog parks anyway, but certainly won’t now.

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