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    Gina R

    Hi! I am not new to Dog Food Advisor but am a new member. I have a JRT mix who is 9. He had what was to be a wart on the inside of his left ear (for about a year)- my vet tried to freeze it off but all it did was bleed for about four hours. He ran a few tests and it was found that it was a mast cell tumor. It eventually fell off (looks great), I took him to the best oncologist who gave me a couple options. Chemo or take the ear off. Also, I was luck as the cancer had not spread to any parts of his body. I chose chemo – which the first treatment almost wiped him out! The oncologist said he’s in the 2% of dogs who have such a bad reaction. Well, after 3 weeks he is back to eating, running, playing and telling me off when I get home late as he is hungry! I’ve opted to not finish the chemo or have the ear removed as it would go beyond the ear. I will be taking my angle to a holistic vet soon. I have read a lot and it seems that a diet of decent protein, good fat and low carbs is the way to go – not to mention no red meat. I have him and my other 3 dogs on Weruva, Ziwipeak, Wysong. I mix it up and they all do fine. Has anyone out there had/have an angel who has cancer or someone out there who is knowledgeable and can recommend a good food. I use to home cook for them but it got to be too much as I work a lot.

    Thank you all and many blessings!

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    I can’t help but thinking about you two!

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    When our rottie had cancer I used The Honest Kitchen Embark, Thrive, and Preference. I also used Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance. Both foods are dehydrated. We also used low carb kibbles such has Horizon Legacy, Pulsar, Orijen, and Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural. I would also make homecooked food too for variety. He had lymphoma and battled it with chemo for 10 months.

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    I’m hoping the best for you and your pup. It sounds like he’s in great hands.

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