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    I have a 12 year-old Maltese X schnauzer. Last year, she had a mass on her liver that was luckily benign and reversible with treatment. A few weeks ago, she was supposed to go in for an operation to remove a lump just below her rib cage, but her liver enzymes were too high and the decision was made to not operate. Her vet told me that the lump is cancerous and that it may have spread to her lungs, although the spots on the x-ray of her lungs may just be an infection. My question is related to her diet: I was told that because her liver is a problem, that I shoud restrict her protein intake and up her fat and carb intake, but when I researched feeding a dog with cancer, I was told to cut carbs as much as possible and to feed lots of protein. Which diet should I choose? I don’t want to aggravate any issues but I want to give her the best nutrition possible to give her as long and happy a life as possible.

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    if it were my dog, I would deal with the liver first. Google Dr Dodd’s liver cleansing diet-be aware that they can lose weight quickly, so be sure to watch the weight of the dog.

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