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    Believe it would be a great addition to the website if the dog foods being listed included the calorie count of each. Even within each brand of dog food the calorie counts change, often dramatically. This is something that many humans have to consider when looking for another food for their fur babies. Sometimes you have to become Sherlock Holmes to locate this information!

    And by the way, I am totally impressed with the information and ratings here on Dog Food Advisor!!
    It is an amazing website. Cannot even begin to count the people I have referred here!

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    HI there-

    The problem is, its often on the bag, not the website-or you have to call the company directly. I agree it would be nice to have it given to me, lol, but truly the person needing the information can call the company and find out. Mike S does a great job here, and I do realize that its up to me to pursue things further if I feel its warranted : )

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