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    Christina R

    Hi everyone,
    i have a question that i have been deliberating over for a while now and am rather worried about. I don’t feel comfortable feeding my dog a whole bone to eat. I know i won’t get the teeth cleaning benefits if i grind up the bone but i should still get the calcium to phosphorus ratio even if i feed it finely ground up, right? The calcium won’t over or under absorb.

    The second question i have is can i mix different raw meats together for my puppy? I have seen several pictures of raw salmon, liver, etc. all mixed together in one bowl. Is this safe to do or do i need to make sure to give only chicken with chicken liver and not say ground pork with chicken liver? I know this is not good for humans but is it different for dogs?

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    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Christina-
    I don’t know a lot about feeding raw. But, I was curious about how big your pup is going to get and it’s age?

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    Christina R

    She is 5 months old and will be about 15 pounds at her adult weight

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