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    Andrea K

    We are starting a Australian Labradoodle family business and are looking for a dry dog food with higher protein and no peas. We used Innova Puppy Fish when Scarlet was a puppy then recently changed to Pioneer Naturals Grain and Potato Free Chicken and it did not go well. Does anyone have any suggestions? We found some through the lists, but they seem mostly in the $80 range for 30lbs. Was hoping for something not so expensive. Thanks

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    Hi Andrea-are you in the states/

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    Andrea K

    We are, we are located in Northern, Ohio.

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    Ok..just asking in case someone has suggestions. Nothing like getting a bunch of ideas and you can’t get the food. I personally don’t have a problem with peas as long as its not a huge component in the food.

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    Another Ohio person! 🙂 I live in Northeast Ohio, near Cleveland. Welcome to DFA! 🙂

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    Hi Andrea-
    Have you looked into any of the Victor kibbles yet? I remember other breeders mentioning that they use Victor on this site. They have both grain free and grain inclusive formulas. Good luck with your business.

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