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    Mort S

    Our two Boxers are 2 1/2 yrs old . Indoor dogs , but get plenty of exercise . Some digestive problems so looking for a dry grain free high quality food . Suggestions please .

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    I have read that NutriSource is good for tummy issues.

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    Jane E

    Before I did anything,I would take them to your vet and check for pancreatitis. Pure Vita is a terrific food for Boxer,specifically the turkey and sweet potato

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    Mort S

    Thank you InkedMarie . I will read up on that product .

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    Mort S

    Thank you Jane E . That’s is a question I will have for our vet . We are very observant of our boxers , and they do get to visit the vet often . I don’t know if we talked about pancreatitis specifically . Currently we are feeding them a vet prescription brand . It is a short term feed .
    Thank you .

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    My best friend has a Boxer and was advised by the rescue group to stay away from Chicken, so I’m passing this info on to you. She has decided on a freeze-dried food from ORIJEN and also uses their kibble.

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    Best dry dog food: “Human Grade Dog food”.

    Best Human Grade Dog food according the munch zone:

    So I nominate Canidae #1 and Honest Kitchen for #2 best Human Grade Dry dog food

    ….and what is Human Grade Dog Food:

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    LeighAnne W

    Hi there, I have a 15 week old female European Boxer and am curious what food you decided on for your adult boxers? Thank you

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    Also wanted to mention “Carna4″ which got good marks for quality human grade dry dog food on her 2018 list of best foods from author of The Truth about Pet Food” blog/website.

    I’ve decided to give this brand to my ShihTzu Bella, along with “Meal Toppers” from Honest Kitchen.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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