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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share some info I found out about the lawsuit with Blue Buffalo and the by-products in their food. Some of you may already know all this but I’ve noticed (at least at my job) not many people even knew they were being sued.

    We have a rep from Blue that comes to our store (Petco) and I talk with her frequently as she and I share similar views on dog nutrition. I saw her today and had to ask what she knows about the lawsuit and the by-products getting into the food.

    She told me that basically, it turned out to be an issue with a supplier. This supplier also supplies to other companies like Wellness and they too will be effected by by-products showing up in their food. Just hasn’t been made public yet.
    Essentially, the supplier put the by-products in the food without the company knowing is what she said. They produced in court all of their paperwork for what they bought and there was no corn or by-products on the list. The supplier according to the company has been dropped and was almost instantly.

    She told me Blue tested their food to decide if they should recall it and they found nothing to be of concern which is why they havent had a recall. Plus they would have to recall so much food it would put them out of business most likely.

    The problem I’m seeing from what she said is the company isnt willing to be 100% transparent about this whole situation, which does not make them look good. Also, we have yet to see an apology from them about the “mishap” on the suppliers part. Unless its somewhere out there and I just dont know it. We still have no info on what foods were effected by the by-products, what states, what lot numbers. nothing.

    I still wont be feeding Blue anymore mainly because I dont feel like everything is on the up and up. Just thought I’d share what our Blue rep told me!

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    Bobby dog

    I haven’t really kept up with it much since I don’t feed BB kibble. They did post this letter on their website when these issues first came up. There might be other info on their site regarding these issues, but it’s the only response I have seen from them to their customers:

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