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    Maureen A M

    After writing a very thorough statement about whether Blue Buffalo is made in the US and if it is why doesn’t it mention it on it’s packages. I somehow erased my entire email. Or my 15 year old computer did it for me. All I can find on the Devine Delights is how nutritional and that no chicken or poultry by-products are used.

    Isn’t there a law that makes these companies who are making food, maybe not for people, state where the ingredients come from and where the food is manufactured. Oh wait, I forgot where I live. Hm In Texas they probably use euthanized cats and dogs for pet food. San Antonio alone could feed every animal in Texas with all the animals they euthanize each year.

    So, I screwed up and purchased a food I can’t afford (I live on disability and have a limited budget–but my dogs come first. The Blue Divine was for a small dog I rescued, plus I rescued a mother dog and two puppies and I have my own four old dogs over ten and a 16 year old cat.–Sometimes I get to eat;-)

    Thanks for this forum. It’s really opened my eyes to how dog/cat food is made. I had an idea of what many of the items used were, in fact I knew about most of them, except for ‘Meat Meal’. I’ll be darned. I’ll have to join the Premium club as soon as I have some money so I know what to look for to keep my dogs living comfortably for a lot more years.

    Thanks to all of the animal lovers out there who aren’t afraid to have their say and also rescue and maintain healthy animals. And thank you to the ‘dentist’ too. Couldn’t resist, I got a kick out of that little piece of info. Good for him

    Good night,
    Maureen Martinek

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    Hi Maureen-

    Unfortuntely while there should be laws that govern honesty with companies that make dog food about where the food is made and where it is sourced there is not. Its up to the company to decide how transparent they want to be with their consumers. However, I am aware (because of speaking to a sales rep from Blue who I like and trust) that Blue is MANUFACTURED in the USA. They also do have plans to open their own plant because as of right now Blue does not manufacture their own products. Now, that doesn’t mean that they can’t source ingredients elsewhere from countries you don’t want to see on your bag/can of dog food (China, Mexico).

    A regular poster on here once said to me, a company won’t put anything in writing that they can’t back up later. Which is why whenever she wants more details about a product than what is on the label she emails the company asking the direct questions. I would suggest finding Blue’s email address and directly asking the company where the ingredients are sourced from. Especially if there is one ingredient in particular, say the chicken or the minerals and vitamins, that your most concerned about.

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    Bobby dog

    As of last fall Blue Buffalo was using Simmons for a cannery. They opened their own kibble manufacturing facility last year; they still use co-packers:

    Contact them if you want to know who else manufactures their dry foods and where they source their ingredients:

    Check out their website FAQ’s for their statement of where their food is manufactured:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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