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    Patricia A

    I’m still hanging in there trying to find a freeze dried topper my picky eater likes and my 8 year old Chihuahua that tends towards easy weight gain. Anyone have good things to say about Bixbi Freeze dried? It rates as average Fat low carbs vs Stella’s and Primal with above average fat as a whole for all recipes. I just recently saw this in the Pet Supply store I go to.

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    Hi Patrica,

    *Canidae has new formula’s “Canidae Pure Petite” Small Breed freeze dried raw coated. just scroll down a little look to your right & click on page 4 & all the Pure Petite formula’s will come up.
    * Ziwi Peak Air Dried Raw

    When dog foods were tested for toxins & contaminates these brands & formula’s below got 5 stars…..
    * “Buckley Liberty” Grain Free Freeze Dried – the Beef, Lamb & Chicken formula’s
    * “Canisource Grand CRU” ALS dehydrated raw – the Turkey, Pork & Lamb & Reat Meat Formula’s
    * “Natures Variety” Instant Raw Market Meals Blend & Chicken Recipes with Sweet Potatoes, Peas & Blueberries
    * “The Honest Kitchen” Grain Free Proper Toppers Chicken Recipe

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    Patricia A

    Thank you Susan for that info. Funny but when I read advisors analysis for Primal Freeze Dried he wrote Not suitable for all dogs because of the protein to fat ratio. But now I just went under his feeding type for adult dogs and the analysis was LOWER average fat for the sardine/turkey and rabbit freeze dried recipes. Vensison was average fat. Stella’s freeze dried were ALL ABOVE average fat . Still don’t know if the fat puts weight on dogs cause they are all low carbs. IN any case I’m staying away from the Stella’s and will be looking into what you suggested.

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