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    Nicole S

    Has anyone here used either Grandma Lucy’s Artisian or Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle for a dog with kidney failure? The Grandma Lucy’s appears to have a phosphorus content of about .8%, but I can’t find anything saying the percentages for the Dr. Harvey’s.
    I’m looking at rotating ground beef, beef tripe, and ground pork for proteins to rotate through. Is there other low phosphorus options not thinking of? Also looking at oils to add in, and salmon oil seems to be the best. Is that correct? Zesty Paws makes one that’s pure salmon oil so thinking that would be good.
    Just trying to gather all the info I can to take to her next vet appointment tomorrow. Thanks for your help….Dahlila and I appreciate it 🙂

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    Frenky C

    Hey, Nicole, what did the doctor suggest?

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