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    Can anyone suggest a better alternative to Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Fish dry food? My 1.5 yr old boxer has been on this food since he was a young puppy up until about a month ago when he suddenly decided he didn’t like it anymore and I stumbled across this site and saw it was only rated at a 3 anyway. I’d like to get him on a food that he both likes and is better for him, but I originally started him on it a year ago because it was the only food that wouldn’t give him diarrhea, and I’m discovering this is still an issue. I don’t know if the problem is a sensitive stomach or allergies. If it’s allergies, I haven’t been able to narrow it down to anything specific.

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    I have a dog on this, he’s been on it for almost two weeks, at our holistic vets advice. If you find a comparable food, let me know.

    Oh, are you talking about the limited ingredient diet?

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    It is actually rated 2.5 and there are much better choices available in the limited ingredient diets. They have also had a recall before. Do a search for Brothers Complete. It has no grain and no potato and they have never had a recall. I have been using this diet for over a year now with excellent results.

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    I am curious about this as well. Have any of you tried Simply Nourish? Our vet wants her back on a LID. We tried the NB in the past and she liked it, switched to Zignature Trout & Salmon and she liked that also. Seemed to do ok also. I currently have her on EB Coastal Catch and now she itchy and has a rash. Vet does think its bacterial but with all of her skin issues and the autoimmune disease wants her back on a LID. I bought the NB in Salmon and Sweet Potato and she will hardly eat any of it but she gobbles down the EB. Any opinions on the Simply Nourish? or any other LID foods?

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    Also would it be best to start with a pea based LID since the food she’s on now has peas or should we stop the foods that have peas in them and try potatoes instead?

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    I have not tried Simply Nourish. Before April, Boone did great on Brothers….also on Natures Variety LID turkey. Unfortunately, something has changed and they aren’t working for him. He’s going yo be on the NB lid sweet potato & turkey for a few months. I’m printing up lists of goods he’s never eaten that might work; my holistic vet & I will then have a chat!

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    There are a few choices in LID diets there is Pure Vita, Acana(non-grain free),Nature’s variety and try adding a tablespoon of canned pumkin to firm the stool.

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