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    Sarah H

    I’m a new member here and learning the ins and outs of the site.

    I am currently involved in the animal rescue world and am hearing conflicting reports regarding dog food. I’m in desperate search for an answer please.

    I’m curious to know what dog food is best for senior dogs?

    My senior dogs are a 13 year-old, female, pit mix, 45 lbs and a 12 year old, female, Siberian Husky, 50 lbs. Neither one of them have a debilitating disease or major health concerns.

    A few years ago my vet suggested Purina Pro Plan, Savor, Adult 7+. I have been feeding it to them since the vet’s suggestion. They have lost some weight and seem more active. However, I recently heard terrible things about it and truly want THE BEST senior dog food for them immediately.

    Any suggestions please?

    Thank you!


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    Since senior dog’s ability to get protein out of their diet decreases by as much as 50%, they need more, not less, high quality protein. Most senior dog foods assume your dog is in advanced stages of kidney disease and decrease the amount of protein. We don’t suggest senior food for healthy seniors. A good quality All Life Stages food is ok for kibble, but canned, raw or fresh is best.

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    the Nut is corect. A high quality, higher protein food is best. I personally use grain free for seniors as most probably have some arthritis and grains are inflammatory.

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    I agree completely with the Nut and Marie. I feed my three dogs, one of which was 15 years old last September high quality, high protein foods. All are grain free. I feed a rotational diet to all three and the proteins in the foods I feed vary. The lowest protein I feed is 38% and the highest is around 54%. I’ve been feeding this way for approx. 3 years now and all my dogs are doing really very well. As a matter of fact, since starting the high protein grain free foods my senior is more puppy like than she’d been in the previous years. She used to sleep a lot, had lost interest in most activities and had lost her spunk. As the Nut stated, seniors need more protein not less. It’s antiquated marketing that would have us believe that puppies, adults, seniors, active, less active, yada yada yada all need their own special diets. Puppies would probably do best on an all life stages food with the exception of large breed puppies which need less calcium with the correct ratio of phos. so as to slow (or not speed up) down their growth rate. I don’t have any large dogs but from all I’ve learned on this site I believe what I’m saying about large breed puppies is correct. I may not be wording it correctly. Anyway, seniors do better and need a higher protein food not less.

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    Karen K

    First you need some info from a complete blood test and a urine test to determine if there are any issues with kidneys, etc and have the vet check your furbaby’s blood pressure. With this info you can choose a food that is not going to exacerbate a kidney, gastro, diabetic, or blood pressure issue.

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    Nancy B

    Although pricey, I don’t think you can beat human-grade food like SoJo’s or The Honest Kitchen for senior dogs. I adopt seniors from all backgrounds, and on these foods they become strong, immune to disease, strong heart, lungs, kidneys, and generally thrive. Currently my two rescues are 12 and soon-to-be 13. The oldest is a recovered heart worm girl from the South that I adopted at 9.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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