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    kevin w

    I’ve been looking at puppy foods for a new Standard Poodle I have coming. I narrowed it down to about 15, 4 and 5 star foods but……….I need help anyone with opinions or experience with this breed. kw

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    Hi Kevin-

    Congrats on your upcoming pup! Have you checked out the large breed puppy information on the review side? It is

    Sounds like you are off to a good start. Already thinking about what to feed the pup before you get it. I have large dogs, but not poodles. I think they are cool dogs though. We see one almost everyday on our walks. He is a very well behaved dog.

    What are the foods that you are contemplating? If I was starting over, I’d probably feed the Nutrisource large breed puppy formula.

    Good luck!

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    kevin w

    I have bought small bags of Nutrisource, Wellness Core, Fromm, and Chicken Soup all in Large Breed Puppy. Going to see what the the pup likes and does the best on. kw

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    Michelle T

    I have had several Standards and currently have 2. I rotate their food with one meal per day being raw&/or The Honest Kitchen and the other meal one of the following:
    Orijen, Acana, and Fromm. I like to rotate protein sources and I occasionally add a bit of green tripe to the kibble. I stay away from grains as Standards often can have yeasty issues. Good luck & congratulations on your new adventure – life with a Standard Poodle is never dull!

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    sherry n

    Read everything you can find regarding calcium content for large breed puppy. Not all large breed puppy foods are appropriate.

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    kevin w

    My pup has had very loose stools for a week. I’ve had him and stool samples to the vet and all is well. I changed his food from Wellness to Fromm and he was good for a couple of days now his stools are loose again. Feeding the recommended amounts. Any suggestions? The foods are large breed puppy foods too. I would be more than to try some other food.

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    Which wellness and fromm did you try? Perhaps there is something that he isn’t reacting well to in one of them. If you say which blends you used, maybe we could try to pinpoint a few ingredients to try eliminating.

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    Damon M

    Sorry to hear about your pup. I just brought home a standard as well. I was curious as to why you chose those foods over the editors choice large breeds? I just read those and they haven’t listed the ones you used. Is there a more specific option we standard poodle pup owners should be trying? (sorry didn’t mean to thread jack…just thought it was inline with my own question) The breeder was feeding “Jessie” Victor Professional and I am trying to find the best food option.

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    Damon M

    edit my previous post I see the editors list has them listed. Disregard please.

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