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    Elaine S

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good quality weight loss food for my 9 year old senior Golden. She has been on Acana lite & Fit (or proper name) for a few months now and is not losing. Any suggestions are very welcome. I have my two other Goldens, 8 mos. and 5 years on Acana Grasslands………not thinking that would work….? Thanks, Elaine

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    Jane E

    Before I considered changing food I would run a FULL thyroid panel through Jean Dodds at HEMOPET or ask your vet to run tests that include T4,Free T4,T3,Free T3 and TgAA. A low thyroid is not at all uncommon in an older dog. Anything less than a full thyroid panel is not truly diagnostic

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    ray q

    #1 I don’t believe there are very many if any good kibble for dogs. I highly recommend for those dogs with weight problems and food allergies is The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food base mix(you add your own protein) It once hydrated looks like a full bowl of food and yes it is fda approved for humans, so you can eat it also, if you want. It is a little higher in cost than kible but that is the point. They use quality grade products to make their food, not all the sugars and other horrible products in their food. You can find the ratings on this site.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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