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    Can anyone recommend a home remedy for ear wax. My puppy has a little wax that I would like to dissolve.
    I thought alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is good, but read that it is not recommended.
    Any suggestions ?
    If anyone knows of a good store bought cleaner, I guess that sou;d work.

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    My friend just told me today that she uses a solution of vinegar and water, but I don’t know the ratio, or the type of vinegar… I can ask her tomorrow.

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    Thank you,
    I always thought that was ok, but this handbook I have says vinegar & hydrogen peroxide are both no-no’s, says it could burn the ears.
    Everybook has different opinion.
    Thanks again

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    If there is any rawness in the ears, they can. Vinegar and water won’t dissolve wax, which is sort of waterproof, but they will help to clean the ear. Peroxide will bubble away at the wax and help to loosen it, but can be harse on the sensitive tissue and if the dog shakes its head and peroxide gets in the eye, it burns like crazy!!!! I know from first hand experience. I just get Zymox ear cleaner, not the one with steroids.

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    I like Zymox without the hydrocortisone as well. It contains enzymes that breaks things down amazingly well.

    You’re calling it wax. Is it wax or is it brown, yeasty stuff?

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    its white not brown-i looked at the zymox. Dori mentioned Clean Ear by 21st century.
    I just don’t want it to build up.
    Thanks all very very much

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    Oh, OK. When mine gets an ear infection as a result of his food intolerances, his ears get very gunky and the discharge is dark brown.

    So, again I vote for Zymox. I’ve also used Halo and like it a lot for generally ear cleaning. Another ear cleaner I’ve heard people rave about, but I haven’t used is For Animals K9 Ear Solutions Liquid Health. Here’s a link to it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/For-Animals-Solutions-Liquid-Health/dp/B000OUY5L6/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1420745690&sr=1-1&keywords=for+animals+k9+ear+solutions

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    you are so sweet you even give me the ink. thanks so much.
    How do I get pepper’s & Millie’s photo to appear instead of that blob that appears-their photo appears in comments section but not here,I can’t get that avatar to change, is there a trick I am too dense to see. 🙁

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    Go to this site: http://en.gravatar.com/ to set up an avatar for Word Press.

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    Cheryl. Clear Ear does not build up. The purpose of these wax dissolvers/ear cleaners is to loosening the was and once the dogs start shaking their heads (because the liquid bothers them in their ears…just like when we get out of a shower) they shake it loose. Just continue to use and wipe their ears with cotton balls. DO NOT USE Q-TIPS in their ears. You don’t want to puncture their ear drums. Eventually it will work. It’s not a one or even two or three shot miracle but it does work. Just takes patience. It also depends on how much wax has built up. I would not use vinegar or peroxide or any home made remedies like that. A lot of times tend to scratch a lot when their ears are annoying them and some of those remedies will burn them or just sting them and then you’ll have more of an issue trying to treat their ears. I’m assuming will all this said that you have made sure that your dog does not have an ear infection. I’ve been assuming it’s either a food or environmental issue. Both of which can cause yeasty gunky ears. More so with food intolerances such as grain inclusive diets and diets containing gluten.

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    Thank you Dori,
    Oh yes I would never use Q-tips and yes nervous nelly me if it continues we will be at the vet next week. Ordered the 21st century & the Zymox-I know OCD. her ears don’t smell, I am always smelling their ears, my god I check them every day, sometimes I laugh at myself.

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    No offense guys, but I just feel compelled to throw this out there. If people truly knew what it was like to try to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I’m not so sure they’d joke about having it themselves. OCD is a very painful and potentially debilitating mental health disorder.

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    DF. There are many different levels of OCD and yes, OCD is a potentially debilitating mental health disorder. I’m sorry if you’ve been offended by the term that I and so many others use so commonly in life. Some of us, though not clinically diagnosed, have a bit of a OCD personality. I do. Always have. I’m much less so as I’ve aged and let go of quite a bit that slowed me down in life in my earlier years but it’s still with me. If you have someone in your life with OCD, I’m sorry for the troubles they are having as they attempt to cope through life.

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    Cheryl. Glad you ordered the products. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to tell friends that they cannot put Q-tips down a dogs ears to get them “really really clean and dry”. They think it’s the same as using them in their own ears after a shower which you’re really not suppose to do anyway. Good luck with the ear cleaning. You’re babies are so cute in your avatar. Glad you figured it out. When I first came on DFA as a poster it took me forever to get it to work correctly. The good folks here walked me through it. LOL….several times.

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    Q-tips in a dogs ear are way less likely to cause problems than in a persons ear because the dog’s ear canal is L shaped and you actually have to work to get to the ear drum, however, dogs are much more likely to shift suddenly or shake their head and cause an issue in spite of the difficulty.

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    I have to agree with Dori, I in no way used the term lightly, I too, am a bit OCD.
    I know that there are people that cannot function with this disorder.
    It is debilitating condition.
    I meant no disrespect to anyone that suffers from it.

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    Hey guys.
    Has anyone had an problem with dark brown ear discharge. My vet told me that we have to find the cause of that problem but I still have no results. My dog also has some gastroint. problems so it is veeery hard for me to find an opimal diet solution..
    That is one of the reasons I joined this site. 🙂 But I’m still a bit lost because there is just way too much info. I have to study.

    Can you please suggest a dry food for a gastro sensitive dog that in your opinion doesn’t contain stuff which causes that specific ear problems?

    btw I hope my english is understandable, it is not my mother tongue..

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    What can I put in my yorkies ears after bath in case I get water in them? I was using a drop or two of tree tea oil but someone said no top. His ears are. Clean no wax but he shakes his head a lot. Thanks

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    I always put cotton in pepper’s ears before a bath, don’t know if that’s ok, but it helps-just remember to take it out & don’t push the cotton in too deep.
    My puppy Millie shakes her head, I ordered some zymox w/enzymes to see if it helps.
    i got the earth bath ear wipes & after their baths I use that, i would love to dig in,but wouldn’t dare.

    What do you mean gastro sensitive? Does she eat a grain free diet? Is she sensitive to certain proteins& or grains that you are aware of?
    Did your vet culture the ear discharge to see what it was exactly(yeast, fungal, some other infection)?
    Do you think the ear discharge is diet related? Have you changed foods recently and this happened? Have you been feeding the same food(s)? I know lots of questions
    Does the food have to be dry? If so, have you ever tried soaking the kibble in warm water before feeding? softer foods might be easier on the stomach.

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    Ivana R
    Your dogs problems are likely related. One of the common symptoms of food intolerance is ear and/or eye discharge. Try Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Rabbit and see if it clears up. If you don’t have that where you are, look for limited ingredient diets and see what is available to you. You want one that has ingredients that she has not had before.

    After a bath, you can put 2 drops of rubbing alcohol in each ear. Massage the base of the ear before your pup shakes his head to mix the alcohol with the water. The rubbing alcohol decreases the surface tension of the water and that makes it shake out easier and it also makes it evaporate faster. Don’t use this if there is any raw tissue in the ear, it will sting. And don’t use it if your dog won’t let you put things in his ear, because you don’t want to wrestle with him and get it in his eye.

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    I second the Nut’s recommendation for NVI LID! It practically worked miracles for my dog with food intolerance issues. As long as your dog doesn’t have an intolerance for any of its ingredients (which are very minimal) it can be a real lifesaver.

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    Q: What do you mean gastro sensitive?
    A: She vommits immediately when she eats something she can’t digest, for eg. raw meat, any kind of fruit or when my mother gave her some inappropriate food. She ate grain free food with salmon but was stressed out when we were moving and had very bad gastritis that culminated by blood in vommit. We gave her Hills i/d after which she had a bad case of skin allergy so we tried with z/d and it worked for a while..
    Q: Does she eat a grain free diet?
    A: Not now..
    Q: Is she sensitive to certain proteins& or grains that you are aware of?
    A: I’m not sure because she first reacted badly while eating grain free food (with fish).
    Q: Did your vet culture the ear discharge to see what it was exactly(yeast, fungal, some other infection)?
    A: The vet said that there is no inflammation or otitis just a lot of dark brown ear discharge. But A LOT, like there is mud in her ears. I clean it with Otifree fluid.
    Q: Do you think the ear discharge is diet related?
    A: Yes, it might be related..
    Q: Have you changed foods recently and this happened?
    A: It is happening for a while now.. It started before the horrible gastritis period and I can’t connect it with anything else but food. We moved, the aparment is clean and new.
    Q: Have you been feeding the same food(s)? I know lots of questions
    A: No, because of the gastritis episode and the allergie reaction..
    Q: Does the food have to be dry? If so, have you ever tried soaking the kibble in warm water before feeding? softer foods might be easier on the stomach.
    A: Yes I have and there is no difference because she just doesn’ drink water if I soak it. She normally chews the dry food and drinks some water, she’s not only swallowing..

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    It is not available in my area so I now took some samples of TOTW Wild Prairie. She hasn’t eaten that food yet and she likes it .. At least she hasn’t vomitted right away..
    I just don’t know when can I expect to see positive changes in her ears if I find te right food?

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    For my dog, I know he is getting better within about 3 days, but it takes about 10 weeks for all symptoms to disappear.

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    The only thing i can add to this discussion would be (I have to say it) a veterinary diet, I looked at Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed Protein It is available in both wet and dry versions, if what you are currently feeding does not work.
    You can get it online with a prescription from your vet,
    I do hope what you are feeding works.
    Best of luck

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    Thank you guys. Yo are very nice.

    Has anyone heard of using the sempervivum plants juice for ear infections?
    I use it and it worked a few times when I had ear problems. I just squeeze the leaf and leave the juice in my ear for 10 minutes or so and it helps immidiately..

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just curious -has anyone experienced when using ZYMOX ear cleaner the one with enzymes that the wax turns a dark color?
    After using in my puppy’s Millie ears-the wax turned almost black/red, no smell nothing. Just this dark color
    Is this to be expected? I don’t understand why a puppy would have so much wax build up in her ears.
    thanks again all

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    Did you use it continuously until the ears were clean?

    My Golden as a pup didn’t have problems with ear wax, but he did with yeasty ears. His ears were never particularly malodorous, but it was definitely yeast and was typically isolated to his right ear. The material in his ears would be a dark reddish brown.

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    Only put the Zymox in her ears twice- then noticed the dark color AFTER the Zymox was applied. It almost seemed like the Zymox brought it all out & changed its color to dark??
    Used an Earthbath ear wipe to clean it all out, now they are clean.
    But now i will be on alert if I see this dark color again she will most certainly go to the vet for an ear culture-she is grain free so why yeast I don’t know.URGHH

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