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    Susan K

    Does anyone have suggestions for a over all protection for small dog that covers heart worm,fleas,tick ect? My dogs have been on revelation for years ,but recently I found a full blown tick on him in fl, it made me wonder if it is working as it should.

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    I have small breed dogs, I like Sentinel for a heartworm preventative. I use K9 Advantix II
    I use the lowest amount possible to be effective according to their weight.

    How often? Whether you can skip winter months? These questions should be addressed to a veterinarian that has examined your dog and has evaluated the risks involved, depending on the area you live in, how much your dog is outdoors, the dog’s age and medical issues. For example, I give the Sentinel every 6 weeks (not in winter)
    Advantix in summer months….check them every evening for ticks, bathe once a week.

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    Here’s the best info on heart worm I’ve read. Check out part 2 for how to do lowest dosage.

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