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    I have 5 schnauzers. I currently feed them Canidae. 2 of them were spayed earlier this year and gained weight, mainly around the chest area. All my dogs are fixed and these 2 were not fat until being fixed. The others did not gain like this.They all eat the same everyday. I am looking for a good weight control food that is also hypoallergenic, as 3 of them have allergies. Any suggestions on what you have used. Cost is of no importance as I will try anything until I can get them regulated on something that works.

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    Allergies depend on what they’re allergic to. I used Wellness Core reduced fat with great success and have heard good things about Annamaet Lean.

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    In addition to those Marie mentioned, I’d also recommend Orijen Senior and Go! Fit + Free Grain Free Senior. I’ve used them both and love the quality, ingredients and results I had with them.

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