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    Kersi B

    Hello everybody!

    I am new here and tried to find some informations on my own, but I am lost…

    I move from Germany to California this January and take my 6-year-old Chihuahua (3kg or 6,6p weight) with me.
    He already has a light cardiac insufficiency, but the doc said that he doesn’t need any medicine yet.
    Here in Germany I feed him with wet (in the late afternoon), dry (he has a extra bowl with some in case he is hungry) and own-cooked food (as often as I can instead of wet food). His treats are 100% dry meat only. And I give him Vitamin K1 and homeopathic Crataegus supplements to his food to strengthen his heart.
    But none of the brands I am feeding him right now are available in the US.
    So could you please help me to find the brands with the highest quality but affordable for a student? Thank you so much! <3 :*

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    Kersi B

    Thanks to the Search function and “Hound Dog Mom” I finally found some interesting brands and websites, what do you think about them? Can everybody recommend them? (I just kind of copy pasted this I hope it is okay…)

    – 4Health (sold at Tractor Supply),
    – Kirkland Cuts in Gravy (sold at Costco),
    – Pure Balance (sold at Walmart),
    – Natural Life (sold at Walmart and some grocery stores),
    – Whole Earth Farms (sold at Petco, specialty retailers and many online retailers)
    – By Nature 95% Meat (sold at specialty retailers and online retailers).

    Which ones are the best and which ones do your dogs prefer?

    wag.com, chewy.com, petflow.com and naturalk9supplies.com.

    Do you have any favorites?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards from Munich 🙂

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    Nature’s Logic, NutriSource, Amicus, Nature’s Variety Instinct, all are good and have small kibble size. The NutriSource is a slightly lower quality, but is known for being easy to transition to. Victor is very affordable if you can find it. And I really am liking Canine Caviar.

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    Bobby dog

    Not sure what price range you are looking for, however Fromm Four Star Nutritionals has a small kibble size and is rated well on DFA.

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    Naveed s

    Which weight management foods have you tried? A lot of them decrease fat by decreasing protein and they aren’t very good because dogs don’t need all the carbs. Look at Annamaet Lean. Wellness also has a good weight loss food. I would try adding water to the food and maybe even replace some of it with canned food.


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    I’m really liking the Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health line for my Miniature Dachshund (however, due to some other issues, she’ll be trying out a vet diet soon). The pieces are tiny, and the ingredients are great. There is also Wellness Simple Small Breed Salmon and Potato and Wellness CORE Small Breed if you prefer grain free. They range $9-16 here in Florida for 2-4 pound bags.

    When you move here, be sure to bring a decent supply of his foods with so you have time to find and transition him over to the new foods. And good luck with the move! Sounds like a big change.

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