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    debra r

    I have a 4 year old Miniature poodle who has never had any issues with allegries. But the past 6-8 months hes had outs of skin rashes and now he constantly naws at his groin area to the point of making it raw. At first i thought it was seasonal outdoor allergies, but now it’s winter and he is still so itchy and rashy. The vet gave me a steroid which does help, but i only give it to him when he gets really bad because i don’t like giving him steroids. I want to figure out the root cause. I have been adding omega 3 capsules to his food and Use Canine Life home made muffins (i make them with the mix and my own ingredients) which is his wet food once a day. I have had him on Wellness Complete Health for years and never had any issues with it, but i think this may be the cause. I want to change his dry food but am having a hard time deciding which brand to change it to. The vet is pushing the Ultra Low Allergen Hills Z/D prescription diet, but i feel its lacking nutrients and is super expensive. Any ideas or brands someone could recommend. I just want my pup to stop itching and want to give him a nutrient dense diet… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would not use the vet food. What are the ingredients in the muffins?
    I’d look at some limited ingredient foods. Some of those are Wellness Simple, California Natural grainfree, Canidae Pure, Zignature, Canine Caviar, Natures Variety, Natural balance LID (this would not be my first choice). I’d go with a different protein than he’s used to eating.

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    Kris J

    Same problem here. We fed our dog Wellness small breed for puppy and then adult – and he has unknown allergies that are driving him nuts. We did environmental blood testing and saw high reactivity to mites and mold, and he’s on allergy drops now.

    I’m feeding him nothing but sweet potatoes and white beans for eight weeks to see if that affects his itching; I just don’t know if it’s food or strictly environmental.

    My confusion with the elim diets is — what if he’s allergic to something in that? Like sweet potatoes? So frustrated.

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    Hi Kris,

    Is there a reason you’re not using an animal protein during your elimination diet?

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    debra r

    Hi Inked Marie,

    For The homemade muffins I use a Hypoallergenic gluten free formula. I have cut and past directly from the website

    Pre-Mix ingredients: Organic milled whole brown rice, whole chick peas, whole oats, calcium, carob, 100% pure alfalfa, Acadian sea kelp, oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, ginger, garlic.

    I then add my own ingredients changing the protien source sometimes to change it up as well as the type of vegetables. A batch normally makes me about 25-30 muffins and i freeze them and thaw a few in the fridge at a time.

    I add a protein source (normally beef, veal or prok) a green vegetable (green beans), an orange vegetable (carrots), red apple, Blueberries, oil (I use Cold pressed Safflower Oil), and water. I also add in 1 Egg.

    Also i was looking into the Wellness Simple brand, Do you think i should switch brands completely? Maybe its an additive in the Wellness that is bothering him?



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    debra r


    I never thought about mites and mold…. I take my dog to work with me and i switched offices about a year ago, (thats actually an old office with old carpet) maybe its the carpet….. Hmmmm, something to think about.

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    If I had a dog who I thought was sensitive or allergic, I’d be steering clear of grains. I wouldn’t use that muffin mix.

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    Hi, ur best to feed 1 protein that he has never eaten before & 1 carb do this for 3weeks & see if the itch starts to stop, if it does then add a new food wait 2 weeks to see if he starts to scratch if not then he can eat that food, start to add another food,
    I knew within 2 days when I added a new food to his Elimination diet Patch would start to scratch his ears shake his head with sweet potatoes, so I stopped the sweet Potatoes & went back to just the chicken & pumkin when he stopped shaking his head & scratching his ear which was 2 days I added potatoes they gave him a rash all over his chest & bad diarrhoea..
    do not give any treats nothing else except the food that’s in his elimination diet…once you work out what is causing his itch you can then find a kibble without these ingredients..

    With vet diets they are a starting point the dog doesn’t stay on them you fed the vet diet for 4-6 weeks to see if all the scratching stops Royal Canine has a Elmination diet its Gluten free & I think its called Select Protein PV or they also have their Hypoallergengenic…once the dog stops scratching without any drugs & just on the vet diet kibble you can add 1 new food & see if he starts to scratch…I suppose the vet diets are balanced so while doing the elimination diet ur dog is getting everything he needs for the 2 months…

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    Jeannie B

    Dinovite has helped my black lab with his skin allergies. My boys skin cleared up within 2 weeks and no more itchy skin or bumps. Check it out on line, we are so happy we did.

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    Jane E

    I would stay clear of alfalfa and I’d use a single source protein

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    Barbara C

    Susan is the chicken & pumkin actual dry food, can or the real food.

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    Hi Barbara, the chicken & pumkin is fresh food, when a kibble is used you need a vet diet, as they are formulated for Elimination diets & have just the 1 protein & 1 carb that your dog has never eating, the dog doesn’t stay on the vet diet forever just 2-3 months until you find what foods your dog has sensitivities to, with the vet diet is easier then home cooked as its balanced… I’m suppose too be starting the “Royal Canine Sensitivity Control” its just Duck & Tapioca & gluten free cause of Patches IBD, his vet thinks Patch may have sensitivities to chicken as his paws are red on & off & he seems to have his stomach pain & red paws after eating chicken, but I’m worried cause Patch cant eat potatoes & Tapioca has starch like potatoes…so I haven’t started the Vet Elimination diet yet… does your head in…

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