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    Patricia G

    My one year old Lab can clear a room with her gas. I’ve had her on the Iams Low Residue food as recommended by our vet, and it helped alot. I started introducing raw venison and Dog Lovers Gold (which is what our other dogs eat) and the gas is coming back. Any advice on best food for a gassy dog? Should I go grain free? All raw or natural? My vet said she could be on the Low Residue long term, but it’s pricey. She is a very high energy, active young dog and loves to eat, so I’m not worried about her being picky. I just want to find a solution for her and us!

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    Hi Patricia-
    Did your vet put your pup on the low residue food due to the gas? Is it a veterinarian prescription food? I give my dogs a digestive enzyme with their meals that seems to help with that issue. I rotate them. Right now im giving them a Vetri-Pro BD tablet with their meals. It contains digestive enzymes, probiotics and soothing intestinal supplemts. It is made by Vetri-Science and I buy it through Amazon or Healthy Pets. I think it is a good idea to rotate kibble and toppers for your dogs. Other supplements that may help with the switch are Fruitables canned digestive support and Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form. I hope you find something that works!

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    I second C4C’s recommendations!

    I would definitely try the digestive enzymes, and would also consider probiotics, with a grain free food long before I resorted to a prescription food for gas! I’d look for foods with a bit less fiber and would steer clear of those that use legumes as binders; in particular: chickpeas and lentils.

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    Hi Patrica, why was ur boy put on the Iams Low residue? My boy was put on the Eukanuba Intestinal low residue, last year its the same as the Iams but no by-products meats, the Eukanuba intestinal has dried chicken & turkey & less fat…after Patch was on the Eukanuba Intestinal for around 5months I started to try new kibbles they all gave him bad gas, about 3months ago I tried the Wellness Simple Duck & Oatmeal, Patch did real well No Gas excellent poos, so now I’m trying the Simple Lamb & Oatmeal, so far the same No Gas & excellent poo… Here’s the Wellness site they also have their Complete Health, Small breed, Core & their Simple limited ingredient kibbles, the Simple range has grainfree but they have potato, Ive found kibbles with potato are harder to digest, the Simple Duck & Lamb is easy to digest like the low residue kibble,
    When you try a new kibble start with something similar to the Iams minus the bad ingredients (corn & by-products)….around the same fat% & protein% so there’s less side effects, I was trying kibbles that were higher in fat & higher in protein & had gas problems & soft poos, Patato also gave diarrhea & itchy skin.. start slow
    There’s a video to watch on the Wellness Simple page about the Simple range being like vet prescription diets minus the bad ingredients that the Vet diets have…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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