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    Melinda L

    I need help in finding a lower price dog food. I have 5 dogs “ALL RESCUES” 1 has severe chicken allergies. Right now I am feeding all of them, Blue Buffalo Turkey and potato grain free limited ingredients. My allergy dog is doing great on this but it is breaking the bank.

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    Danielle R

    I LOVE Kirkland’s dog foods, just thinking my Boxer poops so much (not diarrhea) so am currently trying NutriSource, a little more expensive but not bad… I think they (Kirklands) have a lamb and rice variety, but not sure. You get this at Costco. A 30 pound bag is like $13! It gets high ratings on this site too! I had switched to Kirklands Maintenance for my 11 year old cat too who was in bad health for a year for some reason (on Iams), and he’s fully recovered, no more steroids etc. for throwing up and diarrhea! So I trust this brand!

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    Melinda L

    Thank you. Will look into it.

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    Hi, I feed “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb & the Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon both kibbles are chicken free & Grain Free, Costco’s Kirklands Grain Free is made by Taste Of The Wild as well & similar ingredients & probably cheaper then the Taste Of The Wild..

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    Melinda L

    Thank you Susan!

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    Costco has two varieties of Kirkland dry food, one with grain and one without. The line without grain is called Nature’s Domain and it runs about $35 for 35 pounds. The Kirkland with grain is around $30 for 40 pounds. Both types are made by Diamond. They also carry a Nature’s Domain Turkey Stew canned food which is usually about $20 for 24 cans manufactured by Performance Pets.

    I regularly feed my dogs the canned food. It is a GREAT deal!!! I’ve been hearing that is selling some of the Kirkland pet products on their site now as well if you do not have a Costco nearby or a membership.

    Here is a link:

    Taste of the Wild is also manufactured by Diamond and can be found at several feed stores and smaller boutique type pet supply stores.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: Another option is Tractor Supply Store sells 4Health. They have a budget friendly turkey and potato recipe that may work for you.

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