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    My dog just had a cancerous tumor removed from his small intestine. I know that nutrition is very important and want to help my dog. He is almost 12 years old. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    shelties mom

    Also read the comments on the bottom from owners who have the same experience. Switch to natural food diet, eliminate carbs and supplement with omega-3 fatty acids to start.

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    Mine had a cancerous tumor removed from her intestine last Nov. They need low carb diets, so I found EVO Chicken & Turkey to fit that need best… she has done well. Unfortunately EVO has had recalls, though Lily had no probs with the food herself. Am told it is more of a precaution and problem w/people handling the dog food. Anyway, I also feed Earthborn Holistic Primitive Ntl… as a sub for the EVO.
    Unfortunately now Lily is having liver probs… though vet x-rays do not see cancer. After her bout w/cancer she was treated with chemo, which may have caused the liver prob.
    Take care and best to you and your dog!

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    I am passing along some sites I found quite helpful about dogs with cancer. As a note (to my previous post) I want to add that a dog on chemo is recmd to have supplements… the 1st link has lists of such… which I skipped/not aware of at the time. I am posting this before the links so it is NOT missed…
    LilyPearl (lab) was extremely sick with a rare cancer (jejunal ganglioneuroma), had tumors removed and did well for 10mths, now as posted previously having probs. Would say too that if you do the chemo routine, make sure your dog has a cancer that chemo helps… it does not help all. Unfortunately, my specialty vet missed what type of tumor LilyPearl actually had until after rounds of chemo when I opted for a smear… should have done a smear BEFORE starting chemo. Cancer loves carbs… I chose to feed Evo Turkey & Chicken… very low in carbs and great food. I know it has been recalled but my dogs never had probs with it…
    Good luck to you and your sweetie…

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