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    Judy V

    I am looking for a budget friendly low fat dog food for my 11 yr. old Corgi and Schnoodle. They tend to be a little overweight. They love Merricks Turducken but it’s a little expensive for me. I’m also using Taste Of The Wild Prairie dry dog food to mix it with. What are the best budget low fat dog foods?

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    I used Wellness a Core reduced fat food to help a dog we adopted lose weight. While I haven’t used it, others have had good luck with Annamaet lean. These aren’t budget friendly however. I have no idea who makes a budget friendly low fat food.

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    Hi Judy-
    I have been feeding Victor grain free to my dogs. I’m very happy with this food. I noticed that they also have a healthy weight food that looks promising. It is not grain free, however. It is a beef and rice formula. The guaranteed analysis is 27% protein, 11.5% fat, and 4.5% fiber. It is only 360 calories a cup. I wouldn’t hesitate to feed this to my dogs if they needed to drop some weight. There is also Premium Edge healthy weight dog food that looks great. But…it is manufactured by Diamond, who has had a string of recalls in one of their facilities in previous years. I fed the cat version of Premium Healthy Weight to my cats and they did great. But, I live in an area that has not been affected much by the recalls. There is also the option of feeding the dogs less! Or, cut back a little on the kibble and add a little canned to help make them feel fuller. Good luck with your pups!

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