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    Hi everyone,
    I was at Walmart looking for turkey, chicken, or beef hearts and noticed they had raw beef tripe. No hearts though, they are so difficult to find.
    Has anyone ever cooked raw beef tripe and if so do you boil it for a bit, dice it up & feed?
    I was thinking it would be a lot less costly than say getting the frozen raw tripe.
    All though I would want to cook it a bit, wouldn’t it be just as good as the commercial raw??
    Thanks for the feedback

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    Walmart probably doesn’t carry “dog” tripe. The white tripe is for people.

    You might find more items at an ethnic grocery store.

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    Thanks Sandy,
    After I posted it dawned on my the tripe i saw at walmart wasn’t the tripe for the pups.
    It was too late to erase the post.
    Thanks for responding

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    On a side note… I love, love, love me some (people) tripe soup!!! We make ours with lots of oil, paprika, tripe (of course), onion and garlic, and sour cream or milk and egg, and when served, you add a heaping spoonful (if you dare) of a mix of minced garlic in vinegar and red pepper flakes galore. It is a miracle hangover cure (as is sourkraut juice spiced with paprika btw 😉 ) and a great warm-up on a cold night. If you’re Bulgarian or a bread-lover, you’d also need an average-sized sourdough boule to accompany a bowl of said soup. 🙂

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    My late husband ADORED TRIPE their is a dish called Menudo (no not the group), that he ate like it was candy!!!

    On another note has anyone ordered the tripe from “
    If so can a recommendation be made as to which kind to get. Is the food offered on this site of good quality. And excuse if this next question sounds off the wall, this is giving real raw correct? Or is it the same as say giving Primal. I am a newbie to commercial raw but slowly trying to get my 2 girls on it full time.
    I also wanted to try the ABC diet and see this website has the hearts I cannot seem to find anywhere else.
    Thanks in advance for the feedback

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    Hey guys- Have you checked the freezer section where you shop for your dog food? The local feed store in my area carries beef heart and chicken liver treats in their freezer section where they also keep the raw bones. I think the brand is Rogue River or something like that. I add an ounce or so of these treats to my pups’ kibble a couple times per week.

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    Unfortunately where I live, I can’t find anything & believe me I tried, only thing left is go to slaughter houses which I am not going to do. That’s why I was asking about
    I get my dog food from the various online stores. We don’t have boutique stores that carry the different lines-only thing here is petsmart & petco

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    I order from MPC and Hare Today all the time. They have good quality. My only gripe with MPC is that you can’t get everything in one lb containers. That’s a better size for me.

    Menudo is a wonderful tasty soup. I’m glad I had it before I learned what was in it though. Growing up, one of my neighbors used to make it all the time. I don’t think I could make it. Yech.

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    I’d love to try some menudo! Sounds delicious! 🙂

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    BC, Haven’t looked at Hare Today but will, I agree I wouldn’t need more than 1 lb containers, I noticed on MPC they have different kinds of Tripe which 1 would you suggest I try 1st? Is 1 better than the other in your opinion??

    Naturella & BC,
    Menudo really isn’t hard to make & the bleached tripe as I remember didn’t smell as posters here have said the green tripe does-
    If it’s good for my girls to eat I will have to get a close-pin for my nose.
    I know people with larger dogs feed it quite frequently I guess 2 mini schnauzers could benefit from getting it from time to time.

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    To start with, I would get just plain tripe, nothing added. The supreme and others are great if you are going totally raw and need a little of this or that to balance things out. They aren’t bad for toppers, but with the organs in them, they can be rich, so make sure your dog does well on just tripe before you add something to the mix that you don’t know if it is going to cause an issue.

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    Thank you so much you Dori and a few others have been invaluable.
    If Pepper & Millie could talk they would say thank you too-I know they talk just not in a language we understand 🙁 .

    I checked out Hare Today wow they sell everything -it scares me since I am not ready yet to go “REAL REAL RAW” -I will have to see about the tripe that both sell.
    I did get my local feed store to get the Vital Essentials tripe-so maybe I will try that first –
    could you check out my post on “Commercial Raw” and if and when you have time please give me your opinion-this all so new to me
    Thank you so very very much again

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    The nice thing about Hare Today is Tracy. She is a wonderful resource.

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    Tracy is awesome!

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    BC & Marie

    Thank you both again, will ask for her when I call Hare Today.

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