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    My husband is worried because we are finding pieces of trachea in our dogs stool. They are small pieces. Should we be worried? She loves them!

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    I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are seeing something else to make you think that they are hurting something. Are these dried tracheas?

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    My dog loves treacheas too but unfortunately she would throw up the cartilage pieces. They looked like little pieces of shaved plastic about an inch and a half long. I don’t give hem to her anymore. These were the dried ones. Would it make a difference if they were raw?

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    Cooking/dehydrating does change how they are digested, but it shouldn’t be a big difference.

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    Kelsey H

    I’ve given my dogs beef trachea time and again. It doesn’t always digest 100% but it hasn’t caused any problems. I think if the pieces were huge then id be a little concerned.

    My dogs both love it when they get a beef trachea to chew on and it helps clean up their gums which makes me happy too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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