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    I feel like a horrible Dad. I have fed my two Chihuahuas expensive wet dog food (Freshpet) for six years. I tried dry but they wouldn’t eat it. I just came back from the Vet and they had a total of 9 teeth pulled. I’m $1,500 poorer but that’s not the issue. Can someone recommend a good kibble for my girls? Merrick?

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    Don’t be silly! Small breeds are notorious for having lousy teeth, no matter what you feed them.

    I like Fromm

    I would add water, if your dogs are doing well on soft food I would continue that. Check out Fromm’s grain inclusive formulas, dry and canned, maybe a combo of both would work?

    You can presoak dry food overnight in the fridge and it has the consistency of wet food.

    Have you tried brushing their teeth once a day?
    Check YouTube for how to videos, it’s never to late to start.

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    Thank you anon101.

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    Joyce B

    I wouldn’t change their food. Kibble won’t keep their teeth any cleaner and if they won’t eat it you will have all sorts of new problems. Have you tried the water supplements that help keep teeth clean? I use Tropiclean. Best of luck!

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