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    Mark C

    I just adopted my third dog recently and have been considering changing the food to a More budget friendly one. Right now I feed Acana which seems to be very good food and everybody brags about it rather than complains about it. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey. Especially considering a 25 pound bag only lasts me about four weeks right now.

    So I looked on this forum And found some budget friendly foods that Mike has listed and I find the horizon complete to be something I would consider feeding my dogs and the price is much cheaper.

    My question is has anybody fed this to their dogs and what did they think about it? And also two of my dogs are smaller breeds one is small terrier the other is a border collie so he’s kind of medium and then I have a large round who’s about 70 pounds.

    I was considering feeding them the complete lifestage because the ingredients are pretty similar my big I could use the glucosamine but I think I can accomplish giving them that with a supplement. I would just be interested in any kind of feedback from people who may offend this food to their dogs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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