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    Carolyn K

    I have a year and a half old 68 pound Goldendoodle/Bernese Mtn Dog mix and I have to bring him in to get his anal glands expressed every month. He constantly has issues; licking, redness, skidding his butt on floor, etc. I began feeding him pumpkin at each meal and this seemed to help for a few months but it is no longer helping. He has been on CANIDAE® ALL LIFE STAGES DOG FOOD WITH CHICKEN, TURKEY, LAMB & FISH MEALS for about a year and Canidae large breed puppy before that. Info for current dog food ——->

    I am looking into maybe putting some Psyllium into his food instead of the pumpkin but I am unsure of how much. I also want to maybe switch his food to see if that helps. Can someone recommend a good kibble for dogs with this issue?

    Thank you all SO much!

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    Hi Carolyn-
    Are his stools firm? You might want to try a food with more fiber in it. Natur Vet makes a chew that contains psyllium that you could give a go. Also there is another supplement called Glandex that I’ve heard people mention on this site. Here is a link that has them both:

    Hope you find something that helps your poor pup. What a nice breed mix he is. I bet he’s so adorable!

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    Carolyn K

    Thank you so much! I will definitely look into one of those solutions to see if it helps him.

    He is a cutie! I can’t figure out how to put photo’s on this forum otherwise I would post him all over the place!.. lol..

    Thanks again crazy!

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