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    N B


    I have just coked my first meal for my (diabetes) dog! Based on the vet recommended I am switching my dog’s diet.

    He is a mix, 9th years old, about 20 lbs.

    I made him low fat boiled turkey and veggies (carrot, cauliflower, and broccoli). I need to feed him twice a day, and I am confused about the daily amount I should give him.

    Any advice?


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    If your dog has a serious medical condition such as diabetes.
    I would go by what the veterinarian that is treating him recommends. Your dog is also a senior and may have other health issues to consider.
    I would work closely with your vet for the best possible results. There are no veterinarians affiliated with this site and even if there were, they have not examined your dog and do not know his history.

    Best of luck

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    Usually a general rule with home made food is 2-3% of the dog’s body weight.

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    @ anon101

    Their vet is the one that suggested the home cooked diet…

    @ N B

    This doesn’t sound like a balanced meal. Did your vet recommend any supplement to make sure your dog is getting proper nutrients or this the meal intended to not be balanced for a certain reason? As far as how much to feed, Tyrion is correct 2-3% of the dogs body weight.

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    @ pitlove

    Obviously, no veterinarian suggested a home cooked unbalanced diet.
    Most likely (if any veterinarian was involved) a prescription/therapeutic diet was recommended.

    I tend to read between the lines…..

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    N B

    Thanks all.

    My dog is getting the supplements he needs to his food. No concerns there.

    I was marly wondering how much food he should be getting with the home-cooked meal since my vet hours on Sunday are already over.


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    N B-

    Glad hes getting supplements. I’m assuming your vet probably recommended one to you, but figured I would ask.

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