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    My vet suspects that my 7.5 year old Great Dane, Max, has arthritis so he put him on Rimadyl (200mg/day). He’s been on it for about 2 months now and I have noticed that it’s helping. He doesn’t take as long to get up from laying down anymore. However, I know that Rimadyl can have very nasty side effects if used long term. I want to take him off Rimadyl and put him on something else. First question is: can you stop Rimadyl cold turkey or do you need to wean off it like you would Prednisone? Second question is: what supplements would help him like Rimadyl does?

    Max is already taking the following:
    4500 mg Glucosamine HCl
    3000 mg MSM
    1200 mg Chondroitin sulfate
    300 mg ASU
    My understanding is that Rimadyl lessens inflammation. I was told by a friend that I should slowly wean him off the Rimadyl and start giving him Dog Gone Pain (aka DGP). I did buy a supplement from Swanson’s that has boswellia and tumeric in it (300mg of each). I also bought Actiflex 4000 on recommendion (from pugmomsandy I believe), which has boswellia in it. I’m still waiting for the delivery.

    Max is my first dog so this is my first experience with a senior with arthritis. Any suggestions or tales of experience are welcome. Thank you in advance. 🙂


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    Turmeric was my only suggestion, but boswellia is good too. I think I would reduce the Rimadyl as you increase the turmeric etc.

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    Thanks Patty!

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    I was told to give the tumeric every other day and then to stop for a week or two. Why? Same information for skullcap and milk thistle.

    I have two small dogs. One is 11 lbs and the other is 10 lbs. They seem to respond better to traumeel than the above mentioned. Heel has been bought out and I can’t seem to find the tablets anymore.

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    Aj K

    My dog has hip dysplasia I her only back leg. I not only give Rimadyl plus a joint supplement, plus Adequan shots every 4 wks. She is 13 y/or & the only back leg that is sporting most of her back weight. The meds may be killing her kidneys & liver off but she gets around. We keep her on a lean diet as well!

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    I would use Traumeel (you can order from Amazon). As for supplements I would encourage you to give Standard Process supplements: Canine Whole Body Support, Canine Flex Support, and their Canine Musculoskeletal Support. I’ve incorporated these supplements as well as some others for some of Hannah’s other geriatric conditions. The three that I recommended have made a world of difference. She’s now back to standing up on her back legs begging for treats just like Katie and Lola. Hannah hasn’t done that in at least a couple of years. Good luck.

    Sorry RescueDanMom. I just looked back and realized this was old thread. Though I hope my post helps others, I’m sorry. I should have looked to see what this forum was about who started the thread. 🙁

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    Aj K, I used Derramax years ago because I had a lab mix and knew the issues with labs and Rimadyl. Even though I used small occaisonal doses and was careful, it did a number on his liver and ultimately his kidneys. The adequan is a very good choice and I realize the dog is senior, but Tramadol (more of a morphine like based pain killer but no damage to liver or kidneys) might be a better choice. We switched to that when the kidney failure set it. Fish oil supplements would be helpful and Dori offered some supplement suggestions that could be useful. Good luck with your baby!

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    Debra E

    HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Adequan (shots you give your pup) which I buy via PetRx and save a BUNDLE (paid for two bottles = 2 yr. worth.

    Actually HEALS ARTRHITIC JOINTS. Was developed for horses post surgery. Just came back on the market. My dog’s been on it for a year and WOW! 8 LB. Maltese has good and bad days and still takes Rimadyl (tiny amt. we’re reducing), Tramadol for pain (weather related) plus some holistic help – accupuncture and chiropractic. I gently placed Thumper outside the car upon returning from his first treatment, where he’d been limping, only to have him take off running across the back yard! HILARIOUS. Same’s true with the Adequan. Thumper was a flyer and jumper in his early days so now he’s paying for it in his neck, elbows, back, legs, so give this a try.

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    Rimadyl is an effective pain medication, if it agrees with the dog. Short term usually is not problematic, however, long term could lead to various side effects such as GI distress and paradoxical effects, in example, agitation.

    Tramadol is no longer recommended for pain relief for dogs, consult a veterinarian for details.

    It is best to find a veterinarian who you trust and discuss all treatment options, I would not recommend spending money on supplements and over the counter medications unless a veterinarian that has examined your dog advises you to do so. You could cause more harm.

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    Bonnie A

    Don’t believe all the internet hype about tumeric. There is no clinical proof that it works for anything. It is also high in oxalates, which can be disastrous for any dog with kidney issues. Oxalates are the main problems that cause oxalate stones in small breed dogs and any dog with s compromised bladder or kidney issues. Yes, Rimadyl does have some dangerous side effects, as does any medication. I am personally trying a new class of nsaid, Galliprant. You have to decide which you want, quality of life or quantity. My German Shepherd was on tramadol and gabapentin. I don’t like the way it makes him feel. No appetite, restless, depressed, anxious and acts drugged up. I refuse to let him live his life that way. That is no life at all. As with any med, Galliprant has side effects as well, but at least it won’t destroy his liver and kidneys.

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