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    Well, while Charlie adores his Orijen, his stools do not. My vet has recommended a much lower protein content, so we decided on Acana Large Breed Puppy…which I can’t find. Anywhere. Any other suggestions? Merrick?


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    Yes, their regular line is not available in the USA. Don’t know why, really. Merrick would be a fine substitution if your dog tolerates it. I personally like Annamaet or Dr. Tim’s, or Victors. Wellness Core is good, too. Lots of people love Fromm. I do, too, except I use their grain inclusive foods. We can get the Acana LIDs, or Singles, here in the States so if they’re suitable for a large breed pup then maybe you could try one of those. We can also get the Regionals, but I’m not sure about large breed pups. Remember, too, that the Singles do contain oatmeal.

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    Aah, that would explain why Pet Supplies Plus had all the Acana Regionals and not Large Breed. There are a lot of great pet stores in my area, I’ve come to find, and they all recommended Fromm. I just started adding pumpkin to the Orijen I have now to help.

    I am an absolute NUT when it comes to dog food 🙂 The Chinese takeover of human ingredients is bad enough, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow my dog to eat it.

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    Acana regionals is lower protein than orijen, so thats always worth a shot. they also have their singles line which is around 27% protein. It has oats now, but they are modifying it in the next couple months and changing it to grain free.

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    Actually I’ve had Charlie on Fromm Gold large breed puppy and it has been amazing for him. We did find out according to his vet that he had a slight case of Giardia which may have accounted for the loose stools. We are also adding pumpkin to his food and the stools are forming nicely now.

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