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    Sandra C

    Does anyone have experience with alpha lipoic acid? I would like to find it as a supplement but don’t know the proper dosage. I’ve seen 1-5mg/kg…my dog is 28kgs, that would be a range of 28 – 140mg! I would prefer to supplement naturally through diet but I’ve read that the absorption is minimal.

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    I always advise going with fish, sardine, herring, salmon, krill, algae, or other forms of omega 3 oils. Dogs do not efficiently convert ALA into DHA and EPA, which are the forms they need. 85% of the ALA is left unconverted and is simply another source of fat.

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    Hi Sandra, here’s a link I just saw on a yahoo group, scroll down halfway & it tells you dosage….

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    Anais A

    That link above is NOT to alpha lipoic acid but to alpha Linolenic acid, they are completely different things – alpha LIPOIC is an antioxidant NOT an omega fatty acid.
    (humans take 20-50mg and dogs usually take 1/8 human dose for most, but not all herbs and supplements.)
    My 21 pound dogs gets 10mg, alpha lipoic acid and my 13 lb dogs gets 5mg alpha lipoic acid. As with most supplements and herbs I’ll give a rest period at 8-12 weeks as suggested where I do not give them any for an entire week. I typically do rests at 8 weeks to be on the safe side. I hope this helps. I’m not a vet. Consult your vet with questions before giving anything.

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