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    Crystal P

    I am insearch of a dog food without these ingredients:
    Any Potatoes

    Preferably grain free. I’ve never used grain, so I’m not sure if it is OK or not. I am not willing to use Purina, Diamond, or anything along those lines and want less recalls as possible.

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    What test determined that the dog is allergic to all these foods? Have environmental allergies been ruled out via intradermal skin testing by a veterinary dermatologist?

    Nutrisca salmon and chickpea might be worth checking out, however, your list of items to avoid makes it nearly impossible. What does the vet that diagnosed him (assuming) recommend?

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    Jacob T

    I think you should try Go! They have a salmon and venison recipes that are both grain free and organic. I dont believe they use potatoes either but you’d have to check the ingredients to be sure. Now it isn’t cheap a 25 lb bag will run you about $70 or more depending on whether or not u choose the organic brand but it’s the closest that I know of to your needs. Frankly its the best dog food Ive ever used.

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    Susan W

    VeRUS has never had a recall & I think they have a new grain-free recipe. They’ll send you free samples, too, so you can try it first. You may have to order it & have it auto-shipped, but is awesome & makes it easy.
    Also, tho, have you considered your dog’s issues might not be allergies? Maybe yeast overgrowth? Lots of itchiness, rust-colored areas around the paw pads & genitals? Funky smell in the heat of the summer? If you answered yes, you’ll probably want to do some research on yeast overgrowth in dogs. Otherwise, give VeRUS a gander.

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    Look at my “Updated Grain & white potato free” stickie, highlighted in yellow,on the top of this forum.

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