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    I’ve just discovered that all Wellness dog foods, and foods of their subsidiaries, now contain Green Tea Extract. This ingredient can cause liver toxicity in dogs, sometimes fatal. If you question this, you may look up the scientific studies about it here (which is where all doctors and veterinarians go to look up journals on research):

    Anyone feeding this to their dogs is feeding them low levels of poison, which over time could cause permanent damage and even death. I strongly suggest black balling Wellness, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack, and their other subsidiary foods that contain green tea extract.

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    That’s an interesting report, but it sort of specifically says in fasted dogs? So to me that would say that when there was already some organ shutdown, adding pure green tea extract would cause some undue harm/system shock. I’d be very wary to run around shouting that wellpet is toxic, though if you are uncomfortable, certainly stop feeding it.

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    Hi Belinda

    Thank you for posting this, I had no idea that Green Tea extract could cause lethal toxicity in dogs!

    I am saddened that dogs, the best friends of mankind are still used as test subjects in experiments like this.

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    The findings regarding green tea extract appear to have been based on a study published in 2009. In that early study, the dogs were fed green tea extract in a fasting state — without food and in varying doses.

    Green tea extract is poorly absorbed. That is probably why the 2009 study was conducted on fasting animals — i.e. to increase bio-availability and absorption.

    More importantly, a follow-up study published about 2 years later (2011) in the International Journal of Toxicology in 2011 concluded:

    “Conduct of the study in nonfasted dogs under the same testing conditions and dose levels showed unremarkable results. Assuming both studies were valid, at the identified no observed adverse effect levels (NOAEL) of each study, systemic exposures (based on area under the curve [AUC]) were actually lower in fasted than nonfasted dogs, suggesting that fasting may have rendered the target organ systems potentially more vulnerable to the effects of green tea extract.”

    The phrase “unremarkable results” implies the findings were within normal limits.

    We’re always on the lookout for additional peer-reviewed information and commentary regarding any controversial ingredient

    So, if you come across anything else (in a peer-reviewed journal, of course), please feel free to share it.

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    Anne B

    I actually called Holistic Select, which is owned by the same company as Wellness (Wellpet).
    I asked them about the green tea, and they admitted that the green tea extract they used was sourced from CHINA, because that was the only place they could get it…..That leads me to believe that all the Wellpet brands are using CHINA-SOURCED green tea extract…..I can’t believe this, and don’t trust Wellpet brands any longer…

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    Christine S

    My dog suffered acute liver toxicity on 3/24/19. Her livery enzymes were through the roof and she was quite ill.
    She had been eating Wellness Core kibbles. When she became ill, she refused to eat them anymore, but was happy to eat other food offerings. Her health and liver enzymes have continued to improve since I stopped feeding her that garbage.
    I thought I was paying more to give her good quality nutrition and instead I was giving her a lethal poison and setting myself up for $3,000 in vet bills. DON’T FEED YOUR DOGS FOOD WITH GREEN TEA EXTRACT!

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    joanne l

    I feed Holistic Select, did the vet tell you this?? I found this article so now I don’t know what to believe. I think all dog food has something wrong with it. Purina for an example has Vitamin k, and they say it can be linked to liver damage, however a lot of dogs eat it and they are fine. I am glad your dog is getting better, and appreciate you posting your experience.
    This article states it was only in fasted dogs, but not the others. She claims it is not harmful in small amounts, just like Purina said about the vitamin k. I guess every dog handles minerals differently I suppose.

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