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    David T

    I am considering switching my 2 year old IW food (Blue Buffalo Large Breed) to one of the editors choices recommendations. I think Blue Buffalo has been giving my IW infrequent (1-2 times every couple of months) diarrhea. I have heard that Blue buffalo mixes there vitamins separately which can cause abnormal dose in the dry food. I like Blue because of the low calcium <1.5%. However, I have noticed that a lot of the editors choice brands have very high Calcium levels in their food. From what I have read, (on this site) it is recommended to stay below 1.5% Calcium. Are there any dog food brands that are high quality and tailored to large/giant breeds?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi David –

    Blue Buffalo does not report actual calcium levels on their packaging, they only report the guaranteed minimum. Basically, the minimum just means that the food is guaranteed to contain at least that much calcium – the actual amount in the food could be much higher. As far as I know (unless something has changed), Blue refuses to disclose the actual amount of calcium in their foods.

    With that said, higher calcium levels are only of concern during growth. It’s perfectly fine to feed an adult dog foods that are higher in calcium.

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    David T

    Ok thanks. I have been eyeing up Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food. Seems like a good balance of minerals and the reviews seem solid. It appears that the major content difference besides quality is higher protein. I am going to give that a try over the next couple of weeks.

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