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    Hi, I’m new to this website, and I would greatly appreciate some advice. We have an almost 6 year old female, half black lab/half pit bull, she weighs between 50 and 60 pounds. We had been feeding her Taste of the Wild for years, and it seemed to agree quite well with her, and the price was within our budget. We took her off of it as a precaution after a bunch of it was recalled (I learned recently the recall was not in our area…). We had to put her on what we could then afford at the time, which was not great, and it seems to be giving her skin issues now (thankfully, she has no other major medical issues). She has only been on this particular food for a few months, thankfully, and I’d like to get her switched over to something actually good for her ASAP! I was just wondering if anyone could tell me their top recommendations for a grain-free dry dog food, and what I could expect the price to be. Would it be safe to put her back on Taste of the Wild? I have had someone recommend Innova or Orijen, but I think those might be a bit out of our affordability range. Thank you in advance for anything you can tell me!

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    HI there-

    Some reasonably priced decent grain frees that I have found are Victor($40-43) Nutrisource($44-49), Grandma Mae’s country naturals($49), Hitek Naturals(44-45) . I am probably forgetting a bunch of others though..

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    I will add Earthborn to Melissa’s list

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    Thank y’all for your recommendations, I appreciate that. My husband and I went to petsmart today to get cat and dog food. We decided to try Innova grain free cat and dog food. We compared everything we could find. It requires less food daily, which is nice. We’ll see how this works out! 🙂

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