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    Are there any 5-star, grain-free, small-breed adult dog foods on this site? I’m only looking for recipes that have actual ratings attached to them, that are grain-free, and that are specifically for adult small breeds.

    For example, Merrick Grain Free Small Breed would not work because even though the Merrick Grain Free Dog Food (Dry) line has 5 stars, the Merrick Grain Free Small Breed recipe itself was not actually rated separately.

    It’s important that the recipe is rated separately from the rest of the line because certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon the site’s estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Robert R

    Both EVO small bites and Performatrin Ultra small bites are grain-free and rated 5 Paws on Petsumer Report (subscription site). I feed my 12-year old toy poodle a mixture of the two and she likes them and is quite healthy. They’re both relatively high protein and low carb.

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    The Merrick grain free small breed is also rated 5 stars. All of the Merrick grain free recipes are rated five stars, except for the two that have a different number after them such as the puppy food has (4 stars) noted after it. Hope this helps.

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    Mark C

    I just put my fox terrier on Farmina low grain small bites. She loves this food. The grain free and low grain are both 5 stars. Before this she was in legacy small breed and that was 5 star.

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    Deby G

    do yo know of any 4-5 star grain free small breed canned food. My chipoo has almost no teeth.

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    Robin W

    My small jack russell Clairibel & medium rat terrier Buzzy are currently eating Merrick Grain Free Beef & Sweet Potato (dry), with Merrick Wing Lings (grain free, canned)– both are 5 Star. Also my grown son feeds his Golden/Newfie the same. But since Nestle Purina (who also are Koch Brothers companies) bought Merrick, we’re heartbroken. Trust issues big time with Purina, Nestle also has ethical issues (google Nestle & water), and well, google Koch Brothers, I prefer food without a big old dose of politics lol.

    Deby G, I recommend Merrick canned at least until this deal takes effect, then I would as I said before, have severe trust issues. Merrick has been great, but Purina OWNS them. It’s like they married Cruella. Otherwise I would have stayed with Merrick forever. I bought a ton of the canned Thanksgiving Dinner & Wing Lings before the buyout. My son & I used to joke that if there was an apocalypse, we’d split up the canned dog food & just sprinkle some seat salt on our share. Maybe hot sauce on our Wing Lings.

    I am leaning toward Orijen Adult for the switch; I’m going for the smallest amount of fish (we get our water from the Savannah River & even though I filter it for the dogs & us, at the least humans in the house may already be radioactive from showering…).

    Am going to look into Life’s Abundance also, haven’t yet.

    Curious about how everyone feels about Purina buying Merrick.

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    Robin W

    Deby G, just checked out Life’s Abundance, their canned is 5 star, no grains (unless oat hulls count as grains, it’s just fiber), no carrageenen, I’m switching to Life’s Abundance for canned (& will probably do their Grain Free dry along with some Origen Dry).

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    Eric C

    Wellness Core small breed no grain is a better choice and rated5 stars

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    Mary K

    I have 2 papillons and feed them Orijen regional. The pieces are small it is 5 star rated and grain free.

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