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    Dennis L

    My puppy has been on a raw diet since we got him. We feed a combination of food from My pet carnivore including tripe, whole ground rabbit, whole ground chicken, pork, and beef. I give him raw meaty bones everyday. He was doing great on the bones and even was eating turkey necks, but last week he started chewing all of the meat off the bone and leaving the rest. I tried giving him a chicken thigh and then I went down to chicken wings. He eats the meat off of each bone and leave the rest. He used to crunch the bones up like they were nothing, but he has no interest now.
    I know he needs more than the 10 percent bone that is in his ground food so I have been adding bone meal to his food to supplement. I am really not comfortable with this as I don’t want to give him too much calcium. I am wondering if teething is an issue and if anyone has had this problem and if their pups started back up on the bones. Thanks

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    At 5 months, teething may be an issue. Will he still eat the grinds? I had a dog back off bones considerably as he aged, his problem as an adult dog was a stomach issue that’s since been resolved, but I lowered his bone intake considerably. At 5 months, I’d lean towards teething. What breed?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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