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    I got my baby yorkie Gracee at 8 weeks she was on purina super cheap adult dry dog food don’t even know how she chewed it. Changed gradually to Wellness trufood. She has received 2 sets of shots and due for the 3rd tomorrow. She’s on Revolution for flea conyrol, heartworm prevention. She had tapeworms but finally got rid of those completely nasty things eeeyyyukkk ! For the last 3 weeks she is so itchy I scratch her all the time around her hiney especially I check for fecal matter and sometimes there’s a bit so I remove it of course she also seems to be itchy around her armpit area where her hair seems to be kinda thining. But when we are training she is always stopping and tending to her rear area I always check where she is tending seems to be her little nub and the backs of her little legs. Please help me find some relief for my little darling I just love her so much and it breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable. I did try to add some coconut oil but was unsure of the amount and frequency and I had concerns of her lipids going of the charts. Thank you for obliging my super long post. I tried to find some answers before my post by I have to go to work and I’m impatient I guess. Any and all suggest are welcomed. I would also appreciate a #1 food for complete nutrition and weight control. Thanks everyone for your valuable time.
    Gracee ‘ s Momma

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    I would talk to your vet about postponing any further vaccinations at this time.
    Note: The labels on rabies vaccines state that they are for “the vaccination of healthy cats, dogs…” There are medical conditions for which vaccination can jeopardize the life or well-being of an animal.

    I would also reevaluate what you are using for flea/tick and heartworm prevention, for obvious reasons. When did the pruritus start?

    I would keep her diet simple. No supplements or over the counter meds that have not been recommended by a veterinarian that has examined her.

    If it was my dog, I would make an appointment with a dermatologist.
    The best choice would be to see a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, if one is available near you (here is a list: http://www.acvd.org/).

    Per the search engine here /forums/search/allergies/

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    I agree with anonymously. I would not get vaccines and I would not use revolution.I have a yorkie and I don’t have these problems just digestive ones. Good luck. Don’t u just love yorkies?

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    Hi Michelle, my vet told me, when a dog is itchy around the lower back & top of tail area it’s normally fleas, check that she doesn’t have that one flea, some dogs are allergic to the fleas salvia, one bite & they go nuts with scratching & scratching, like my boy does….
    I bath him in Malasab Medicated shampoo, weekly when spring & Summer come the Malaseb relieves their itchy skin, kills any bacteria & leaves them feeling beautiful & soft then I use the Paws Nutriderm Replenishing conditioner…. its Oatmeal & Ceramides for dry itchy skin…
    For fleas I use the Frontline spot on, then about 2 days later I use the frontline spray, my vet recommended the frontline spray she said she has found work the best if you don’t want to use tablets….Patch suffers with IBD & Skin Allergies & had a reaction to the Advantage spot on, spewing blood, side of face & ear swelled up, it was awful…..the Advantage goes thru to the blood where Frontline only penetrates a couple of layers of the skin, I just bought the small bottle of Frontline & you put on a glove & spray around the tail area, back legs & front legs, I have problems when walking thru the park & fleas will jump on my boys legs then he brings home 1 hitch hiker (Flea) & starts going nuts rubbing his lower back up & down the walls, rolling on the carpet…I have found the frontline spray to work really well…… http://www.frontlineplus.com.au/Howtouse/Pages/how-to-use.aspx

    A few ladies at the dog park all use Comfortis tablets, I don’t use on Patch cause he has IBD & I don’t like giving him any pills but I was using the Comfortis on my cat & the cat stopped bring home the fleas, the ladies at the dog park swear by Comfortis they said they were giving the 1 monthly tablet for 3 months then they noticed they didn’t have to keep giving the monthly tablet & stopped over winter & Autumn months, the fleas stayed away, but you must know your dogs proper weight & only give 1/2 tablet with food breakfast at first & then watch your dog for 1 hour just incase they vomit the pill back up, then if your dogs is OK, then you give the other 1/2 tablet with their dinner…If your dog does vomit up the 1/2 tablet the vet told me to come back & Comfortis give you another tablet this was for my cat the first time I tried it on my cat didn’t vomit….

    When Patch is trying to scratch around his tail & rubbing up & down the walls cause a flea as bitten him, if I have the time I bath him in his Malaseb shampoo so the fleas get off him, but if I haven’t the time to bath him then I use some Sudocrem to relieve his itch its for Nappy Rash, Dermatitis, Eczema, Sudocrem is excellent as a stop itch cream, even Aloe Vera cream is also good to quickly relieve the itch..

    Also once fleas bite your dog, your dog will get tapeworms again, tapeworms are from fleas… so I wait about 2 weeks then I give Patch an Allwormer, I have found Milbemax is a milder allwormer & doesn’t upset Patches stomach & bowel like the other allwormers do…..Once you control the fleas you’ll stop the itch & stop the tapeworms…

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    I forgot to mention that I use Dr. Beckers spray for fleas and ticks and I don’t have to use any chemicals,just Heartgard for heartworms.This is a Mercola product and it works great.

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    Hi Michelle C,

    Awe, poop pup! It sounds like you might have gotten her from a less than stellar breeder. Most breeders start puppies on puppy food, not adult and if it was Dog Chow, that’s very close to the bottom of the barrel. I’m not sure if she’s reacting to the food or not, but I would rule out a few other possibilites first.

    Dogs generally get tapeworm by ingesting a flea, which carries the larvae, so she and her mother probably had fleas too. Once the flea is ingested, the tapeworm begins it’s lifecycle inside your dog. (This is ust a quick FYI on tapes, since I’ve dealt with them before).

    She also may have gotten Demodex mange from her mother. It’s on all dogs, but puppies often get them from their mother and her symptoms sound like this could be the case. Your vet can do a skin scrape to determine if it is mange. I strongly suggest having this done. Here’s some info on mange:


    I’m curious as to why you’re looking for a weight control food for a puppy? You mentioned flea control, but has she been wormed and a stool sample taken to check for other worms? Several types of worms need multiple dosaages. If she has a bloated belly, it’s likely she may still have some worm issues.

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