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    Hi everyone, I’ve been using this site to pick dog foods for 3 years now but never posted anything. I have a 3 year old MaltiPoo that has just been diagnosed with IBD (thickened bowel linings, horrible diarrhea, low protein levels (3.8)) She has been on Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild (several different flavors) and most recently BB Wilderness Chicken flavor.

    She has had no real issues with stools or anything else until about 4 months ago. She was on ToTW lamb flavor (I believe) and started passing putrid gas and short bouts of diarrhea. We took her to a vet and she was given metrodiazanole (sp?) and I started her on a bland diet and within a week she was ok. I slowly changed from ToTW to Wilderness and all was good for about 3.5 months. Recently, last week she started with the diarrhea again and was worse this time. She is now on the anti-biotic and peredizone (sp?) It seems to be clearing up again after a few days, but I am looking for suggestions on keeping her in remission and stifling the flare-ups.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry about your pup. I would say that TOTW and BB are way too high in protein for your dog’s issues, and chicken soup is a not so good food. I think you should get something a lot more simple like raw, or dehydrated raw like Honest kitchen keen, verve or force that is gluten free, it’s high quality and a lot lower in protein and adds moisture as well. and try adding canned pumpkin in there too and maybe an all natural pro/prebiotic like Honest kitchen perfect form or prozymes to help aid digestion. Or a limited ingredient diet like Natural balance that is around 21% protein. good luck!

    -Ana Sandy
    pet nutrition expert/advisor

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    Many dogs with IBD get relief by going on a low residue diet, but you may have to experiment to find out if your dog is one of them. Low residue means low fiber, which may mean high protein and high fat. You definitely want to minimize grains, which can be inflamatory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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